Tough Teachers

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Tough teachers are usually known as being cruel and harsh to their students, but that could be seen as a lie. They are definitely an important factor on receiving excellent results. Their students learn from the mistakes they have done which a harsh teacher would point out. A teacher that is light on their students usually do not make it obvious on what they did wrong. The ability for a teacher to point out a mistake, no matter how cruel, is significant to turning a student into a pristine student. If someone were to compare the two types of teachers, then the tough one would usually win result-wise. There are three actions that tough teachers would give you a hard time with, discipline, grit, and self-confidence. To begin, discipline can take you far in life. This is because it would teach you patience along with other skills that are necessary for the future. For example, the article states, “I had a teacher once who called his students “idiots” when they screwed up” (Lipman 1). The reasoning behind this is because the teacher does not want you to keep practicing a mistake. He calls them idiots to force them to work harder to not be insulted in the future. Another statement found in the article said, “He made us rehearse until…show more content…
They will be harsh to force you to become disciplined in life to be able to use that skill in future instances. Grit is becoming a popular skill that teachers want to teach their students. It will help to accomplish any goal in life, no matter how to tough it is. Learning self-confidence is key to doing anything in the future. If you lack the ability of confidence, you will be to scared to try something you have wanted to do because of the fear of failure. If you believe you can do it, then sooner or later it will be achieved. These three skills will help everyone in the long run, you may hate it now, but eventually you will be

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