Should High School Teachers Get Paid Essay

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Should American High School Teachers Get Paid More?

Do you know how much teachers get paid in their first year? High school teachers make only twenty-five through fifty thousand dollars. The amount goes up one or two thousand a year. The max their pay will go up to is about one-hundred thousand dollars per year. This is an important issue because they have to go through four or more years of college, not including getting the teaching credentials. That is total of six years of schooling after high school to get paid about thirty-seven thousand dollars. Teachers should get paid more because they grade hundreds of papers, they are creating our country’s future professionals, and they deal with kids all day.
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Lastly, they deal with kids all day. In the classes that i have there are many kids that stand out for being very disruptive. Those students can slow the class down, and worse, stress out the teacher. I have witnessed many times where kids think it is okay to slow the class down because they don 't care. These are some of the kids that make the teacher think, “Why am I still here?” I think here shouldn 't be a reason for a teacher to stress over people that they have no obligation over.
Although some people think teachers are overpaid or deserve the amount of money they make. I disagree. Many teachers can say teaching is a very stressful job. There are many side effects of stress. A few of them are depression, anxiety, heart attacks, and hypertension. A few of the side effects are very lethal and can cause death. This supports the claim because it explains why teachers should get paid more.
In conclusion, teacher in the United States are underpaid, in my opinion. If teachers were to get more pay they would be happier and not be so stressed. Teachers should get paid more because they grade hundred of papers, they are making our county’s future professionals, and they deal with hundreds of kids. In my opinion teachers are very underpaid and should get paid

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