Why Violent Video Games Are Good For Girls Analysis

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In Carmen Tieu’s, “Why Violent Video Games are good for girls,” she argues that playing first person-shooting games can be good for girls because it allows them to feel like they have accomplished something by beating guys at their own games. It also lets them to play without listening to what others say about girls playing violent video games. They can give girls a different way of bonding with males and allow them to feel like a player and not a “girl.” Tieu also claims that it gives girls an inside on how guys act while playing these violent games. She usually stays home and plays video games on Saturday nights, and listening to what guys say about girls when she is on XBOX Live irks her. While Tieu’s has valid points, some girls may argue…show more content…
She shows one side of girls. Some girls do like girly things and they prefer to not get their hands dirty or tussle around with boys. Their all types of girls and while she has a well explained reasoning for breaking stereotypes, some stereotypes are not all that negative. Girls and guys are different. Finally, some girls may not want the inside scoop into the dark side of males. Guys tend to get rough, say vile things, and act inhumane when playing these games. They tend to feel the need to disrespect women and girls may want to think of guys as cute, helpful of their parents, and animal loving human beings. Some girls are not attracted to the immaturity; violent video games bring out in guys. Teiu forgets to talk about girls that don’t know how to psychologically handle the guy’s aggressive behavior. Scaring a girl away may not be the best idea. In conclusion, Teiu has valid points as to why violent video games are good for girls, but she failed to mention the side that girls might argue that video games are not good for girls. Girls beat guys at other things like sports, academic activities, and even positions at work. Girls can bond with guys over other things not just violent video games. Lastly, some girls may not want to see the dark side of the
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