Why We Should Be Banned In A Book Shop

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You 're in a book shop. You have been waiting since yesterday to get a book that you are desperate to read. You walk up to a lady and kindly ask for it. She says they don 't have it because it 's banned. You walk home disappointed and you ask yourself “why would someone do this?” The banning and censorship of books has been going on for a long time and it is provoked by people who think a certain literature piece is not appropriate. I am here to inform you about why the choices of someone that you don 't even know about, can affect you. A person 's decision impacts others by preventing readers from reading what the want or by inspiring the reader through ideas in their books. I agree with Ron Charles when he writes “We never know when a young person will read something and think, “Wow, i 'm not as alone as I thought I was.” I agree because I also feel a connection when I read. I can relate to someone in a book and know that someone else has probably experienced this too, which makes me feel relieved. A mother of two children states, “We don 't want our kids exposed to that because we want to protect them.” I particularly agree with this because I don 't feel that parents overprotect their children, but are trying to …show more content…

According to Elizabeth McColloch, “... It was banned in the USSR and other communist countries.“ The book was also banned in 2002 in the United Arab Emirates’s schools due to the speaking pigs that went against the Islamic religion. McColloch also explains that “Animal Farm has been challenged in various schools in the United States for "its political theories", the words "masses will revolt", and the claim that Orwell "was a communist." Consequently, the people living in these areas are not able to read the book, which shows that the persons banning Animal Farm not only stop numerous amount of people from reading it, but a whole nation. In addition, authors in the past have also been struggling and protesting against censorship

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