How Does Climate Change Affect Women

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Over decades, the earth’s climate has fluctuated. In the last century, the earth has warmed by one degree Celsius. This increase in temperature could mean nicer weather, however this might turn out to have a different meaning or impact on human and its environment. Climate change can be caused by human activities and can also result from natural causes. This paper talks about the both the natural and human element of climate change as well as the impact of climate change on women. This paper will also propose possible ways to improve the environment for human in general but most especially women. Finally, this paper will answer the question,” Are all environmental issues, political issues?” Government of Canada defines climate change as …show more content…

Accoring to Seema Arora- Jonsson, in India “with climate change there would be increasing scarcity of water, reductions in yields of forest biomass and increased risks to human health with children, women and the elderly in a household” (2011,p. 744). This is because women are the major representation of poverty in these areas. According to Hemmati and Rohr (2007), women among poor families are usually the last to eat and they eat the least amount of food (42). In this case climate change affects this women because plants are not growing as much and there is no where to find food and due to the nurturing nature of mothers, they are likely to give any food to their family and starve. Furthermore, women are more likely to be impacted by global warming because of their vulnerability. Alongside poverty, women are vulnerable to death, which stems from poverty. According to Neumayer and Plumper’s analyses of a sample of up to 141 countries between 1981 and 2002 indicated … “women died more where they are socio-economically disadvantaged” (746). These women are more likely to die during this either from trying to protect their children or because they do not have enough energy to get themselves to safety due to the lack of food. Furthermore, most people forget the fact that these women who have to provide for their family are the actual farmers and not the men that we all think, most especially in underdeveloped and developing countries. These women would starve themselves and yet go to the farm to gather what ever they can only to eat the least or none of it at all. When it comes to climate change, women tend to be impacted more because they are vulnerable due to their role as a mother and the expectations it comes with. Also, they are more susceptible to danger as a result of the position

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