Organisational Culture Encourage Poor Work Performance Essay

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Introduction: Research Problem Within I/O psychology research today, organisational culture has become a predominant area of concern, as it can either enhance or interfere with an organisation’s effectiveness (Khosla, 2015). Simply put organisational culture refers to an organisation’s shared basic assumptions, beliefs, values and norms as well as the extent to which an individual may fit into a specific organisational environment (Gorondutse & Hilman, 2016; Ojo, 2014; Pinho, Rodrigues & Dibb, 2013). Additionally, organisational culture is highly influential on employees behaviour and daily activities, which ultimately effects the organisation’s outcomes, in terms of employee performance, engagement and turnover (Tseng, 2010; Young & Burgers,…show more content…
At present, research highlights the benefits of organisational culture and briefly mentions the negative outcomes organisational culture can result in. These negative outcomes of performance can be analysed as a research gap within organisational literature. Thus, identifying a gap in research which can be beneficial to industrial organisation. Additionally, going forward, this paper will further investigate the proposed research question, that is, does organisational culture encourage poor work performance? Hypotheses In conclusion, this paper can put forward various hypotheses, H1: Weak organisational culture encourages poor work performance. H2: Strong organisational culture encourages great work performance. H3: Organisational culture has a positive effect on determining the type of work performance delivered within organisations. In conclusion, going forward with this investigation into whether organisational culture encourages poor work performance, this paper can fill in the gap in academic research in closely understanding why poor work performance in still a prominent trend of concern within a South African

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