Write An Argumentative Essay On The Parthenon

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An extravagant architectural building: with almost absolutely no straight lines throughout the building itself, a forty foot high statue of Athena stands inside of the main room, and eight columns surround the outside. Throughout the article “Deep Frieze,” Daniel Mendelsohn talks about the parthenon, Greece’s most iconic temple, to be one of the highly controversial buildings of it’s time proceeding into some lives of today. He states “When we look at the Parthenon today, we are looking at a building that began life much as One World Trade Center did-as a monument to a national cataclysm. “By now of course, it is one of the most iconic structures in the world….” (Mendelsohn, 34). In this article Mendelsohn focuses on the history, conspiracies, and the different controversies caused by the Parthenon. …show more content…

The Parthenon was a temple known to be “the pure expression of a rational, humanistic worldview.” (35). It’s located on the Acropolis of Athens, known as one of the holiest places. It is dedicated to Athena, with a statue of Erechtheus (one of Athens’ first kings and founder); as it is a shrine for him. One of the main controversies dealt with something we are all familiar with: money and politics. The Delian League, which is stated to be Athens’ empire, was in charge of Athenian currency. Shortly before rebuilding the parthenon, Pericles took possession of the funds that purposes were for this project, apparently for safekeeping. Totaling $4.8 billion in today’s

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