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I have a few different ‘marigolds’ and they have all helped me in different ways. First, I have my friend Emma we have been friends since kindergarten. We have had way too many fights to count,but we always get over them because that’s what friends do. She has always been there for me and I have and always will be there for her. One time recently she was my ‘marigold’ and helped me through my tough times was when my mom’s friend was moving into our house. Emma has been through a lot of the same stuff as me, both of our parents are divorced so we have a few things in common with that. So, a few months ago my mom was telling me how one of her friends,that’s a guy, will be moving in with us. I immediately texted Emma and she was helping me through it. I didn’t want anyone moving in because I didn’t want him to take my mom away from me. I was a little jealous I thought that she would spend more time with him then with me. But we are all good now and I spend even more time with my mom now then I did before.

My second ‘marigold’ is my friend Grace. She has helped me with similar ways as Emma has. Grace’s parents are also divorced so when my parents were undergoing their divorce …show more content…

She has been through so much it’s unreal. You may have seen her in the paper or on the news a few years ago. I do not want to say too much because I don’t really have the right to,but her family died in a house fire a few years ago days before her birthday and a few years before that her mom passed away from cancer. Yet, she is still one of the happiest people I know. Isn’t that funny that the ones that have been through the most are actually the kindest and happiest people that we have ever met? Mia has seen everything. She has seen me at my complete worst and my best. She has seen my when I’m so tired I get crazy. She knows literally everything about me there is not one thing that I can 't tell her. She is the type of friend you want to have

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