Writing Assignment: Why Do People Take Risk?

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Unit 5 Writing Assignment Write Model
In this assignment, you are going to write a narrative essay. As you prepare your essay, think about the Unit Question, “Why do people take risks?” Choose one of the topics below:
1. Write a narrative essay about a risk you have taken. Choose a story that was an important or memorable experience for you.
2. Do you know someone who has taken a risk, either a personal, professional or financial one? Write a narrative essay about this person, the risk he or she took, and the outcome.
What is a narrative essay?
How was it planned?
Show me the writing.
Show me everything.

Introductory paragraph
Thesis statement
Body paragraphs
Concluding paragraph
Past perfect
When you write a narrative essay, use the simple past to describe the main events. Use the past perfect to describe things that happened before the main events in the story.
A Year Away
What is a narrative essay?
A narrative essay describes a personal experience that is important or memorable. It details the specific events of a story with facts, examples, and explanations.
Planning notes
A. Introductory paragraph
1. Background Info a. planned to start college after high school b. needed more time to decide
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I was assigned to help repair and build schools in a small village. When I first arrived, I was a little overwhelmed. I had studied Spanish in high school, but I still had trouble understanding the local people. They had a unique accent and they talked very fast. At that point, I wondered if this was too big of a risk. Was I going to be able to communicate well enough? Was I going to be able to make friends? On my way to the village, everything looked so foreign, and I felt like I had traveled to a different world. The bus finally arrived. I stepped off, took a deep breath, and hoped that I had made the right

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