Older People Are Better Than Young Adults Essay

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Are young adult and older teens the comparable? Many people would say they are very much identical. Older teens are from the age range of 16-18. 18-25 is the age group of young adults. How ever, older teens and young adults have similarities such as; having some of the same interest in music, games, and clothing, also making mistakes. They also have differences such as; Teens are mostly irresponsible and care free. Young adults, on the other hand, are more responsible.Young adults are obligated to be responsible. If they are not there, consequences are more crucial than they are for older teens. Older teens and adults are both similar and different, with that being said they can 't be the same. More over, older teens and young adults have some similarities. …show more content…

One of these differences is that older teens are irresponsible and care free. Compared to young adults, teens don 't take things as seriously. Young adults, are more responsible and take things more seriously. They do this because they know how harsh and dangerous their outcome would be. Older teens would most likely take certain situations and treat them as if they are less of importance than a young adult would. To illustrate, imagine a 16-year-old getting arrested by the police for robbing a corner store. The teen would still care about his/her consequences, but wouldn 't give it much mind compared to a young adult because he/she knows that the consequences would not be as harsh as it is for people 21 years old and up. As for a young adults, he/she would panic more and try their best to get out of the issue. Consequences for a common 16 year-old teen are different from what a typical young adult gets. Teens in general are carefree,this is because they are young and think they would live a long life.Also they don 't have much responsibilities. Little do they know anything can happen. Teens and adults have both similarities and

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