Zodiac Killer Theories

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The Zodiac killer is one of the most wide-spread killers in our nation. People have claimed that they know who the Zodiac killer is several times, but there has been no factual proof that a single person is the Zodiac. To this day, the Zodiac Killer remains one of the most incomprehensible and brutal cases in the United States. The mystery behind who the Zodiac Killer is can be summed up in two theories: Arthur Leigh Allen and Ted Kaczinki.

To start with, Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday, the first known Zodiac victims, was just a step for the infamous killer to come to light. The Zodiac killer, a mysterious serial killer from the 70’s, was told to be a short, heavily built white man with glasses and brown hair (Katz 2). Accordingly, the Zodiac Killer has claimed anywhere from five to thirty seven lives, only a few that the police are aware of have been proved to be victims of the Zodiac (Olsen 2). The killer has severely injured two people …show more content…

Arthur Leigh Allen was previously a mental patient, he had stated that he had wanted to commit a sequence of murders which led him to be investigated by the authorities (Katz 4). Also, Bryan Hartwell, a survivor of the zodiac, said Arthur’s voice and physique were the same as what he had seen of the nefarious killer (Newton 416). The police investigated Arthur Leigh Allen’s home, they found numerous objects such as explosives, handwritten letters, handguns and a zodiac brand watch (Katz 5). Was it just a coincidence that the suspect had a zodiac brand watch and the other items or was the Zodiac Killer right under their nose? To add, “police speculated that perhaps Allen has committed the murder and an accomplice wrote the letters” (Katz 5). Even though there is no proof that Arthur Leigh Allen had done anything involving the Zodiac Killer, many people still firmly believe that he is the

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