Dubai Metro Essays

  • Essay On Dubai Metro

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    1. Dubai Metro Dubai Metro is a network of rail that connects one end to another end of the Dubai. The initiative was inaugurated on 9th September 2009. The introduction of Dubai Metro has definitely changed the transportation system in the city. Ever since its operation, several changes have been made to improve its qualitative services. Some of the changes include addition of an extra compartment for ladies and children, connectivity wit feeder services and trams amidst others. This convenient

  • Emirates Airlines Swot Analysis

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    EMIRATES AIRLINES. Company Overview. Founded in 1985, Emirates is an airline company that s based in Dubai in the United Arabs Emirates .The company is one of the subsidiaries of the emirates group that is owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai. Emirates is currently the biggest airline in the Middle East and operates approximately 3500 flights every week. These flights take place from the Dubai International Airport and travel to more than 142 cities spread across 78 countries across the globe

  • Swot Analysis Of Corporate Audit

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    Group Project - Corporate Audit Ryanair Group members: Paul Carty Brian McCabe James McGinley Anthony Monahan Micheal Power History and major events (1985-present) Ryanair Ltd. is a low cost airline founded by the Tony Ryan, Liam Lonergan and Christopher Ryan in 1985, growing from a single aircraft family run operation employing only 25 staff. To now being Europe’s largest airliner (by scheduled passengers carried) carrying approximately 81.7 million passengers in 2013, employing over 9

  • Essay On Vacationing Vacation

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    How to Have the Most Relaxing Vacation Ever There is a common saying that goes “work hard, play hard”. Yes, you have to work for a good living and a satisfiable lifestyle. You have to be up every morning to attend a long working day and in the evening get back to your home for a temporal relaxation waiting to repeat the same schedule over and over. It is nonetheless boring to have repeatability as a daily dosage of your life and eventually it leads to poor productivity not only in your work front

  • Dubai Geography

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    1. Describe the geographical location of Dubai. Basically, Dubai geographical is highlighted by Dubai's location on the North-Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf. Dubai also is the largest of all United Arab Emirates and it has the separation with Emirates form of one united country. Dubai also is second largest emirate with an urban area of 3885 square kilometres and the city is roughly 35 square kilometres. Then, it will expand to twice the size with their

  • Saving Money In Dubai Essay

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    7 ways to save money when traveling to Dubai Dubai is by far among the most happening places in the world at the moment. After receiving the responsibility of being host to the 2020 World Expo, all eyes have certainly turned to Dubai as the next big destination for that big vacation. There’s no doubt about the wonders Dubai presents as a tourist destination for many. After all, most of its income is generated from tourism which is a commonly known fact. What many don’t get initially, at least up

  • Descriptive Essay About Dubai

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    Dubai is the city of life which emerged from the vast Arabian Desert and lives within the seven emirates of the UAE. It has been ruled by the Al Maktoum family since 1833. Among many places in the world where you can relive the past, Dubai is certainly the place to visit as it values its traditions and heritage. No city in the world 's modern history has caused so much curiosity as Dubai. It has one of the best transportation systems in the world with two main international airports at the heart

  • How To Visit Dubai Essay

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    Why visit Dubai in 2016 Dubai is one of the most beautiful and visits able place in the world. It is the most popular place to visit. A Large number of construction turned Dubai into the fastest growing cities in the world. It is famous for shopping, it is nicknamed as “Shopping capital”. The city attracts giant numbers of looking tourists from countries among the region and from as way as Jap Europe, Africa and also the Indian landmass. The Urban centre is understood for its market square districts

  • Tourism Industry In Dubai Essay

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    Dubai is an intense city full of developments and urbanization. The value of the land is very high due to its heavy infrastructure and modern building structure. The city is fully urbanized with high skyscrapers, metro bus track and diversification in residents. The diversity in Dubai is one of its biggest assets. Many nationalities and people from different ethnic group live inside Dubai. This is also one of the reasons that the tourism industry of Dubai is so strong. The tourism industry in turn

  • Bahrain Essay: 8 Reasons To Visit Bahrain

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    8 Reasons to Visit Bahrain Bahrain is a small and beautiful country in the Persian Gulf. It is so small only Maldives and Singapore beats it as Asia’s smallest country. But no matter how small Bahrain is, this country packs a punch when it comes to history and culture. That makes it more interesting to make Bahrain your next holiday destination and these reasons will make this country even more appealing to the adventurer in you. Old Civilization Bahrain is home to one of the ancient civilization

  • Descriptive Essay About Beautiful Caribbean

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    Beautiful Guyana Our armchair travels have taken us to Guyana, a South American country that is bordered by Atlantic Ocean, Venezuela to the west, Brazil to the south and Suriname to the east. It might not always get on a list of countries to see but it is well worth a look at. Guyana is a country on the North Atlantic coast of South America. It’s a country defined by its dense rainforest Its capital is Georgetown. Georgetown Georgetown is culturally connected to the English-speaking Caribbean

  • Sustainable Tourism Development

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    it lacks the financial resources to maintain operations, it will cease to exist. Weaver assures that “all sustainable tourism strategies must be formulated within the financial capabilities of the managing body” . Sustainable economic development participates in reducing the environmental impacts. Tourism is an economic activity that often takes place in natural environments, and to assure its sustainable future, a mutual beneficial relationship has to be developed between the two. In several

  • Travel Behavior In World Tourism

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    TOURIST The World Tourism Organizationdefines tourists as people “traveling to and staying”. Tourists are those people who travel from one place to another place for pleasure. They travel with some expectations which they have from the place they are visiting. Every tourist have different perception and satisfaction level while visiting that place.This is due to the fact that every tourist hastheir own expectations, inspirations and experiences (Aksu et. al, 2010). Tourists are subject to certain

  • Jumeirah Group Swot Analysis

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    Jumeirah Group is a series of luxurious hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants and waterways based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The organization was founded in 1997 with an aim of achieving world class and becoming a successful leading industry. Jumeirah Group joined Dubai Holdings in 2004 becoming a member of the leading group of businesses and projects. To extend this far and in order to maintain goals, Jumeirah Group had to formulate and implement certain business strategies Jumeirah Group was

  • The Impact Of The Tourism Industry

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    Introduction The tourism industry has seen tremendous growth in recent decades, becoming one of the most fundamental tools in the promotion of greater overall economic health of many countries today. One of the greatest economic impacts has been the creation of vast employment opportunities for nations at a global scale, including both the developing and developed worlds. According to the UNWTO 2014 statistics, tourism currently accounts for 9% of the world’s GDP, with one in every eleven people

  • How To Visit To Morocco

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    If you really want to experience a full, lively, and interesting trip to Morocco, you should plan your trip so that you can visit it whenever there is a festival going on. Here is a list of some major events and festivals that you should definitely not miss if ever you plan to visit Morocco! • Marathon des Sables. This is also called as the Sand Marathon. It is an exhausting race that lasts for 6 days and covers about 151 miles! It is set in the Sahara desert of Morocco and 30 countries with over

  • Essay About Opulence

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    Title A taste of Arabic Opulence in Abu Dhabi at the Eastern Mangroves by Anantara. Abu Dhabi is one of the Middle East’s most cosmopolitan cities and has become the holiday destination of choice for the haut monde. The Middle East and Abu Dhabi in particulate is about opulence. No expense is spared in creating some of the most impressive hotels, experiences, lifestyle events with one seeming to outdo the next with each occurrence. In a peaceful place amongst the calming mangroves of a natural park

  • Reaction Paper About Abu Dhabi

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    Study Skills SSR101 ENG103 Introducing Abu Dhabi Submitted To: Mrs. Catherine Joseph Submitted BY:   Contents Summary 2 Overview of Abu Dhabi 2 Abu Dhabi History 3 Culture & heritage 4 Attractions in Abu Dhabi 4 Conclusion 6 References 7   Summary Capital and most populous city in country of United Arab Emirate is Abu Dhabi and it also Emirate Abu Dhabi’s, UAE has seven emirates and Abu Dhabi is the largest among them Overview of Abu Dhabi With formation

  • Desert Hotel Case Study

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    Unfortunately, there is only one desert resort facility in Bahrain. However, both the idea and concept of the project are very different than the proposed project. Al Areen Palace & Spa, previously known as Banyan Tree, is a luxurious five star resort located in the midst of the Arabian Desert. It is a fusion of Middle Eastern and Contemporary designs. Since its opening in 2007, the resort has been the only oasis hideaway in the middle of the desert, as seen in figure 3.1. Location Al Areen Palace

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Essay

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    Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest mosque situated in the country. The largest place to gather for Friday prayers and Eid prayers in the heart of Abu Dhabi which happens to be the capital of United Arab Emirates. It has the capacity to accommodate more than 41,000 people at a time. The mosque’s construction is a complete example of Architectural styles of Arabic, Mughal and Moorish works. The construction of mosque was a long process and it continued from 1996 to 2007. The mosque was designed