Iron deficiency anemia Essays

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia Literature Review Essay

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    Trials of Iron Deficiency Anemia Iron deficiency anemia is a medical ailment which mechanism is due to a lack of iron required for hemoglobin production. Anemia occurs when there is not enough hemoglobin and/or few red blood cells being produced in the body (Johnson-Wimbley, & Graham, 2011). Iron deficiency anemia is a disease that is caused by other diseases such as menorrhagia, gastrointestinal bleeding, peptic ulcer disease, and colorectal cancer. The prevalence of iron deficiency anemia is the highest

  • Essay On Shoplifting Techniques

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    There are many techniques that may be utilized in order to prevent, detect, and deter shoplifting. Roberson and Birzer describe a few of these techniques in “Introduction to Private Security”. Considering shoplifting is a common problem among businesses, many companies utilize one or more of these techniques in order to deter and prevent loss. In today’s world, technology is becoming more and more advanced every day. In turn, prevention and detection techniques are becoming more advanced and effective

  • How Does Fitness Affect Society

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    A. Topic: Fitness B. Definition: How fitness helps improving the society C. Background Information: History of fitness helping development of mankind and countries a. From the Neanderthal Man to 2500 BC b. Persian empire, Macedonian empire, Roman empire, Chinese empire, and Indian empire (Empires during military, war, and health) c. Renaissance period and after developing fitness programs (Germany, Sweden, Denmark, England, and America) d. United States and Europe (Industrialization period) e

  • Iron In Children Research Paper

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    Background and rationale The importance of iron in children Iron is an essential mineral required for haemoglobin formation and oxygen transport. Iron deficiency can lead to iron deficient anaemia (IDA). Untreated, IDA can increase your risk of infection and illness and long term can lead to complications affecting the heart and lungs, potentially leading to death. In 2010 global anaemia prevalence was estimated to be around 33%, with iron deficiency ranking in the top 5 causes of anaemia in most

  • Dietary Intake Assessment Essay

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    The accurate assessment of food intakes is an essential prerequisite in monitering the nutritional status of the population and specific subgroups, such as age and gender groups. Dietary intake assessments are an invaluable aid in investigating the links between diet and health. The reasons for collecting measures of dietary intake can be catogorised into three main headings: Public Health, Clinical, and Research. Dietary Assessment for Public Health is used to evaluate nutrition-based intervention

  • Low Iron During Pregnancy Essay

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    Symptoms of Low Iron during Pregnancy Iron is the most important element of hemoglobin, which is the protein in our Red Blood Cells and carries oxygen to our body’s tissues. Iron is present in each cell of the human body. It boosts the immune system of the body and so is a very crucial for fighting against infections and diseases. It helps to produce WBCs and aids in producing energy. Iron deficiency is called anemia. A person who is anemic gets tired very easily and may faint at times. The face

  • Gemcitabine Research Paper

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    The Anti-Cancer Chemotherapy Drug Gemzar / Gemcitabine Gemzar or Gemcitabine (the generic name) is a anti-cancer chemotherapy drug, used in cancer patients. Gemzar is one of many drugs used in a group of drugs called antimetabolites. The antimetabolites are cells that are similar to the normal cells, they difference is these other cells have different shapes. The structure of theses cells are slightly different. With the antimetabolites this stops the cells from working correctly. This drug treats

  • Carcass Lab Report

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    ABSTRACT The experiment was conducted to determine the carcass characteristics and haematological indices of broilers fed diet supplemented with phytase additive at finisher phase. 180 birds were procured at day old and were brooded and raised for four weeks prior to commencement of the data collection. The completely randomized design (CRD) was used as the experimental design. There were 5 treatments (T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5) each replicating 3 with birds, treatment one was used as the control while

  • Healthy People 2020: A Cultural Analysis

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    Both the Vietnamese and South African culture practice Buddhist, so being familiar with how to care for this patient is essential. Vegetarian and vegan diets need to include food sources that provide protein, iron, calcium, and zinc. Vegans are at higher risk to develop pernicious anemia and should supplement the diet with vitamin B12 to minimize the risk (Yoost, pp. 688). Another intervention to focus on would be communication and teaching, with both cultures an interpreter may be needed. The nurse

  • Iron Homeostasis Research Paper

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    Iron is an essential element for the human body and must be obtained from our diet. The concentration of iron in our body is low compared to the abundance in the environment. The average human body can store up 3-4 mg of iron depending on gender. Women need more iron in their nutrition than male because of the loss of blood through menstruation and childbirth. Iron quantity in our body is relatively small because an excess of it can damage our tissues; therefore, iron homeostasis is crucial in our

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Veganism

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    Since the creation of the vegan society in 1944, the population of people who identify as vegan has skyrocketed. Social media apps such as Instagram and YouTube, provide younger generations with the ability to learn more about the vegan lifestyle than ever before. Due to these resources, we can only expect for the vegan diet to become more relevant over time. We also expect that Veganism will make a bigger appearance in the world of politics as the years continue due to the fact that many political

  • Why People Become Overweight

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    Why People Become Overweight The main purpose of consuming food is to live. A variety of food is getting into our stomach for various purposes. Our body will use protein in the food to regenerate lean tissue and will convert carbohydrate into energy or fat to protect organs. Any surplus of food that is not used by the body will be converted into extra fat that will be placed in places like liver cells, muscle cells and heart cells. Overweight and obesity are not just the problem for high-income

  • The Pros And Cons Of Concrete

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    Concrete is the primary material in construction industry. It consists of cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, water and other admixtures. Generally Ordinary Portland cement is used in concreting but the production of OPC causes a huge amount of carbon emission and also it uses a huge amount of non-renewable natural resources. The concrete construction practice in use is considered as unsustainable because it consumes a huge quantity of sand, stone and water and 2.5 billion tons of OPC per year

  • Tang Ceramics Essay

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    From the brown appearances of the bowls, they are likely to be Changsha wares. Since they were often associated with motif painted with iron brown and copper green pigment. Although some wares were shattered in this shipwreck, some of it survived in one piece. The darker brown painted at the sides on the bowl might seem decadent. But they are still in relatively good form even till today

  • Essay On TIG Welding Helmet

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    Introduction A TIG welding helmet is ideal for anyone looking to conduct TIG welding. TIG welding is just like ARC welding, and it’s the best way to weld aluminum. While it is similar to a typically welding process, it uses more gases to help weld everything together. Before you start to TIG weld anything, you’ll want a helmet that will work to keep you protected. A good helmet should protect your face, as well as your eyes. It’s important to make sure you don’t cause any long term damage.

  • Adjustable Sit Stand Essay

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    The uplift height adjustable sit stand desk is an ideal desk for business or personal use and is one of the best pieces of furniture according to those that use it. Various people with or without any type of disability issues can use it, especially those that are in wheelchairs and need adequate space when working at a desk. This desk could also be used as an integral part of a proper ergonomic workstation for those that sit all day and wish to stand for health reasons to decrease the risk of obesity

  • Stainless Steels Essay

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    1.Introduction Stainless steels are engineering materials and it are a complex group of iron based alloys containing at least10.5% chromium and a maximum of 1.2 % carbon. In order to define the stainless steel it can be said that the base alloy for this material is iron which contains a minimum of %11 Chromium (Cr) [1]. The European Standard EN10088 (EN2005) defines stainless steels as iron based alloys containing at least10.5% chromium and a maximum of 1.2% carbon. The main factor for the corrosion

  • Selenium Research Paper

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    taken in large quantity. It is also a basic component of various enzymes such as glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) and thioredoxin reductase (TR), which involve in the antioxidant protection of cells (Rotruck et al., 1973; Birringer et al., 2002). Deficiency

  • Chromium Fluid Analysis

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    bedrock and soil. Chromium weathered from the rocks is deposited on the soil and groundwater. Chromium is also generated anthropogenically from various industrial processes which includes electroplating, leather tanning, wood preservations, manufacturing of dye, paint, paper, petroleum refining processes, metal finishing, alloysteel manufacturing, and lasers(Owlad et al., 2010). According to BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and USEPA the maximum acceptable limit for Cr(VI) in drinking water is 0

  • Persuasive Essay On Foster Care Failure

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    We all end up lucky or unfortunate. We get lucky with the parents that love and care for us, and unfortunate with the ones who do not want us, or don’t care for us. For foster kids, they go through several houses with several different families. Sometimes these families are not the ideal family, and there is abuse and neglect in these homes. Foster kids never really get a break until they are adopted by a loving family. Sadly, they usually are more unfortunate than lucky. Treating foster kids poorly