My Life Essays

  • Personal Narrative: How My Identities Shaped My Life

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    Throughout my life I have come from and created a few identities for myself. Perhaps, the most dominant identities that have been apart of my life are being an athlete and being a family orientated man. In this paper I will write about how my identities have shaped my life. First off I believe my biggest identity is being an athlete. I have played hockey for 13 years and have let hockey practically shape my life. The textbook “Interpersonal Communication” by Sarah Trenholm and Arthur Jensen

  • The Importance Of Life-Changing Events In My Life

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    from it.” -Rafiki. The following paragraphs are about life-changing events that have happened in my life. They have made who I am right now and today and for the rest of my life. The first thing that impacted my life is coming to middle school. Coming to middle school was scary at first I didn’t think I would be able to get to my classes on time or know where they were. But I had some of my friends to help me through it. And as the year went by my classes got a little harder. As the year progressed

  • Importance Of Basketball In My Life

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    Basketball was always a very important part in my life. Between constantly being told to practice more and getting on myself, basketball was always on my mind. You never realize that something you thought you loved could cause harm also. If I didn’t play basketball all throughout high school, I wouldn’t be who I am now and it all started my freshman year. Freshman year, I was able to suit varsity and play junior varsity at the same time. I was probably the best player on junior varsity because

  • My Life In The Odyssey

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    My life has been consistently inconsistent since the day I was born. I have been moving from place to place, without staying anywhere for more than four years. As a result, the setting of my life is always changing, and by extension, the people, places, and experiences are ever changing. In some cases, this is pleasant, but in others, it poses problems. My life is comparable to "The Odyssey" in the categories of "Calypso" (temptations), "Athena" (helpful guides), and "Ithaca" (values and goals)

  • The Importance Of Emotions In My Life

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    Hi,my name stevi and i'm going to tell you the things i carry today. I've been through a lot throughout my life many up, but almost more downs. I've carried a lot of emotions with me with me ever since i was 15 and my dad died . the emotions that really stick out to me though are my fear,guilt , and ambition. I feel fear a lot of the time because Turning 18 is really scary actually I mean all my life I just wanted to grow up and move out especially since my dad died and once it came down to

  • My Goals In Life

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    One cannot simply live a life aimlessly with no direction because to have such a life is not living but merely surviving. Candidly, I yearn for a life that is more than routine, a life worth living. Therefore, for me to have a notable life, I must create a direction [path] for me to follow by formulating a set of particular goals that I can achieve within a short time span. One of the specific goals is an academic goal that requires me to reach at least five scholarships before I graduate from high

  • Heroism In My Life

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    I feel that heroism has nothing to do with the everyday life decision I make. Apart from a little role played by luck most of our lives depend upon the choices we make throughout our lifetime. if the choice were made without giving it a significant thought. The impacts and implications of any choice made by a normal man may be minimal, productive or kind of disastrous. As far as I get from the story was that the decision made by the cashier in the Updike’s story was a momentous decision made out

  • My Life Narrative

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    narrate their own life Narratives of a person’s life are a story of the self and at the same time, a perspective of a self. These narratives include an event or situation, the narrator, and the feelings or the ideas that the narrator is expressing to the reader. Since these events are recalled from the narrator’s past, the narration is a memory. Since memories do not have fixing components, they are changed individually and are usually unreliable. In addition, narratives of a person’s life often have

  • My Life Was Never Easy, My Family

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    STORY_ My life was never easy, my family was messed up, my country, my village, and my state was slowly falling apart, I never got to see my childrens face for the last time, I fought for my country and still not respect and no change. It's like the more I tried the less I succeed. So i'm writing this on my deathbed, so others can know what I had to go through and hopefully learn something. One thing I want to do is thank my kids, charlotte and Daryl for being brave for me and Also my wife who

  • Essay About My Success In Life

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    always wanted to be successful in life. I have always wanted to be the better version of my parents and achieve many things in life. During my freshman year in High school, I knew I was going to major in business. I come from a household of five, my father, mother, two younger sisters, and myself. I am the first in my family to go to college and with that being said, I have always felt the pressure to be the best role model and example for my younger sisters. Growing up, my parents have always been really

  • Mike Anderson: My Biggest Influenced My Life

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    My biggest influence isn 't a relative or a celebrity, as it might be for most people. Mike Anderson, an author, photographer, and church leader, has had a major influence on me in several ways. He has shown me that my circumstances cannot dictate my happiness, that if I really want something in life I have to pursue it, and that faith is something that everyone has, regardless of their religious views. Like myself, he has had to face and overcome a wide variety of obstacles and trials and has become

  • My Passion In Life

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    about helping other people. Any person with a passion wants to spend as much time as possible doing it because it is something they love, however not everyone has the chance to do so. I feel blessed to say that I had the opportunity to contribute to my passion during this gap year by working as a volunteer in a children’s hospital in Moscow. I worked with children of all ages - from 1 to 14 years, with various diseases and causes for their hospital stay. The diseases vary; some are very serious, even

  • My Life Elation

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    The Elation of My Life John F. Kennedy once stated that “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”. Purpose is what defines who I am, and direction determines how I will achieve this purpose. Purpose is not singular in this case. My purpose in life is to learn all I can in life as well as live as a christian apologetic. First and foremost, I will take the direction of physics and mathematics because of my extreme passion for those fields. Moreover Languages have always been

  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Book

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    Amy Purdy asks “If your life was a book and you were the author, how would you want your story to go?” To start off, every person is born into different situations in different parts of the world. Some people are able to choose our environment and community others have limited mobility. People have different rights and social abilities around the world, but we all want to achieve happiness. Despite there being different levels of control over ones situation, the one thing we are in control of is

  • How My Father Changed My Life

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    My father would occasionally allow me to sit on his shoulders. With a smile on my face and my legs dangling in the vast expanse between my feet and the ground, I felt like the king of the universe. I would look up into the clear night sky and the stars gave me warm glances. They seemed to tell me that one day, I would be like them. One day, I would take my place in the sky and rule the universe like they did. One day, I would shine like them and another child on the shoulders of his father would

  • Personal Narrative: My Hero's Life

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    Giles, I see his thoughts. I vision that he hopes to die with such courage and loyalty to God. He begins to think about his death and him leaving to the beautiful and luxurious Heaven. I do not want this for him, aye I want him to live. I am fighting my thoughts. I want to tell him to stay, stay for the baby, me, and the other children. We have so much to lose if he chooses to stay silent. It is symbolic how his silence will lead to a forever silence. Who am I to ask him to die or to live? But I love

  • My Life As An Undocumented Immigrant Analysis

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    to have a better life. In her short story “The Trip”, Laila Lalami shows a dangerous trip for freedom. Also in his essay, “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant”, Jose Antonio Vargas explains his troubles with his immigrant life. Courage in both Murad and Vargas stories is a common theme. They both had the courage to do something important in, their life and might not survive. Murad and Vargas had the courage to have a better life. Murad did everything he took to have a better life. “Murad takes off

  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Veteran

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    but we must remember them also for their character. I look to my father, the strongest man on earth, wearing his green uniform, walk through the door. The picture hanging on my wall doesn't resemble him, staring at it when I was younger I could never find his face in mine. Dad would tell me to protect my mother and sisters, I was the man in the house, although I always wondered who would protect him. My father was my best friend, my hero, doesn't the wisest man I knew, yet always in for a laugh

  • The Importance Of Transforming My Life

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    As an 18 year old there are many different things in my life that I would like to transform I know there are many things out there that you could do to transform your life. Many things that I am going to do myself to transform into a better person. I don’t care about being the prettiest, smartest, or the person that has the most money. I do want to work to have the money that I get. I like to earn things that I get, I don’t like to have things given to me. I don’t like to have to fall back on

  • My Ambition Of College Life

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    Life is what we want it to become. It is composed of many things and offers us so many opportunities, but most of all life offers us options. With so many options we decide what is next and so the choices we make take toll into shaping our future. As we get near the end of high school, we should have the right vision to go to college. Becoming a junior, I think about college everyday. It is my ambition and future decision to attend and graduate from college. College offers a wide range of opportunities