Nanomaterials Essays

  • The Pros And Cons Of Nanotechnology

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    range. Practically the materials in nanoscale have only few atoms or the clusters of atoms, and the properties of the materials have been found to be altered because of the quantum confinement effect. Nanomaterials have structural features in between to those of atoms and bulk materials. Nanomaterials exhibit a diversification of properties that are different and often significantly improved in comparison with those of

  • Scanning Electron Microscope Experiment Results

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    The purpose of this lab was to implement the use of a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to examine and analyze metal samples that were subject to different failure tests. These failure tests included tensile tests, impact tests, and fatigue tests. SEM’s are useful because they provide a 3D view of the surface of the material, which improves the ability to examine the failure type at a microscopic level. In addition to this, the resolving power of a SEM is much stronger than that of a standard microscope

  • 2 Dimethyl Sulfoxide Research Paper

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    nanoscale materials, nanocomposites have emerged as significant and novel antimicrobial agents. Nanomaterials, typically 0.2–100 nm in size, have a high surface-to-volume ratio; this increases their interaction with microorganisms, which in turn improves their antimicrobial activity. Nanomaterials can be useful for in vivo and in vitro biomedical research and applications. The integration of nanomaterials with biology has led to the development of diagnostic devices, contrast agents, analytical tools

  • Nanotechnology Advantages And Disadvantages

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    opportunity, or means specially favorable to success, interest, or any desired end. Some of the important advantages of nanotechnology are : (1) Nanomaterials are more efficient materials with very useful characteristics in terms of strength, lightness, ductility, extremely small size, thermal and electrical conductibility, and water repellency. (2) Usage of nanomaterials as raw material, machine or equipment reduces the size. (3) Nanotechnology ideas can be applied and implemented to solve almost any problem

  • Disadvantages Of Hyperthermia

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    Tumor treatment by hyperthermia has limitations, however, that the most of nanoparticles do not have high specific absorption rate. At least 10% of tumor weight should be absorbed in order to be effective to heat-ablate tumors through hyperthermia. Treatment of malignant tumors at any site in the body is expected to be possible if agents that convert RF energy into heat can be delivered to the malignant cells. However, RF ablation suffers from the disadvantage that it is an invasive method that often

  • Heart Valve Diseases: A Case Study

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    The sizes of nanomaterials are similar to most biological molecules and they can be of great use in biomedical applications. In the past few years reports have appeared in the application of metal nanoparticles for the control of microbial infections when used on surfaces

  • The Pros And Cons Of Lack Of Clean Water

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    INTRODUCTION Lack of clean water is affecting millions of people today.Almost 1 out of every 6 people alive are unable to adequately access water, and worse still, over double that number lack basic sanitation, for which water is a necessity.(Abebe, 2011)Almost half the population in some third world countries can’t access clean water and availability of drinking water is becoming a major socio-economic issue across the world, particularly in the developing world. Clean water i.e. water that is free

  • Solution Of Water Pollution

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    Water is the most important component found on the surface of the earth because it is source of life for living creatures. However, water pollution has become a global concern. Water pollution can have several forms from diverse sources. It is expected that there will be a lack of clean water in next few decades due to pollution. Nile river water in Egypt is the focus of attention of many studies due to many reasons. The first reason is because it is water used by over 13 million inhabitants in Cairo

  • Regulation Of Cosmetics

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    information and putting safer cosmetics on EU shelve. • Preservatives, colorants and UV filters, including those that are nanomaterials, must be openly authorized. Products containing other nanomaterials not otherwise controlled by the Cosmetics Regulation will be the object of full safety measurement at the EU level, if the Commission has concerns. In the list of ingredients nanomaterials are labeled with the word 'nano' in brackets following the name of the substance, e.g. "titanium dioxide (nano)" (European

  • Factors Affecting Ancient Egyptian Wall Paintings

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    Coming from the past: lotus effect coatings for the conservation of ancient Egyptian wall paintings Hussein H. Marey Mahmoud Lecturer, Department of Conservation, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, 12613 Giza, Egypt Tel., 00201117964502; Fax., 0020235728108; e-mail: Abstract: The tombs and temples of ancient Egypt are famous with their wall decorations. Different weathering factors are affecting the ancient wall paintings in Egypt. The main deterioration factors affecting

  • Organic Farming Persuasive Speech

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    it excludes or strictly limits the use of various methods (including synthetic petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides; plant growth regulators as hormones; antibiotics use in livestock; genetically modified organisms; human sewage sludge and nanomaterials) in pursuit of goals including sustainability, openness, independence, health and safety.” Organic farmers work with nature rather than against it, soil fertility is build up with the use of natural organic compounds such as composted manures or

  • Adverse Effects Of Air Pollution

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    Air pollution is the result of the emission of chemicals, particulate matter, and biologic material into the atmosphere then caused adverse effect on environment and health. Major air pollutants that threatening human health are carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, ozone, chemical vapors, and particulate matter. Air pollution is an important risk factor for cardiovascular health, therefore In this review article, we discuss air-polluted particle and the adverse effects of them on cardiovascular disease

  • Synthesis Of Pbse Lab Report

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    2. Experimental method 2.1 Synthesis of PbSe and PbSe: Nd nanoparticles Neodymium doped PbSe samples (Pb1-xNdxSe) with x=0, 0.05, 0.10 at pH 5 were prepared by wet chemical precipitation technique, adding hydrazine hydrate as the precipitating agent at room temperature. Freshly prepared aqueous solution and analytical grade lead nitrate (Pb(NO3)2), neodymium oxide (Nd2O3) and selenium dioxide (SeO2) were used as precursor materials. Initially, 2 g of lead nitrate and 0.555 g selenium dioxide were

  • Engineering Physics Personal Statement

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    our lives in the near future, is the development of efficient sustainable energy systems. Nanotechnology not only refers to the miniaturization but also the precise manipulation of atoms and molecules to design and control the properties of the nanomaterials. Focusing on the energy domain, nanotechnology has the potential to significantly reduce the impact of energy production, storage and

  • Benefits Of Nanotechnology In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    A new technology is being created every day in this fast growing world, and a majority of them are helping the human society in some way shape or form. Technologies today are being created to have multifarious effects that will help improve the quality of humanity. But, with all good things there will be some “unintended consequences … and revenge effects” as stated by Tenner who suggests that there was no human invention ever that completely fulfilled its intended uses or completely ignore the

  • Grignard Reaction Lab Report

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    PALLADIUM-CATALYZED CROSS COUPLING REACTION IN ORGANIC SYNTHESIS The formation of new carbon-carbon bonds is of central importance in organic chemistry and a prerequisite for all life on earth. Through the assembly of carbon atoms into chains, complex molecules, e.g. molecules of life, can be created. The importance of the synthesis of carbon-carbon bonds is reflected by the fact that Nobel Prizes in Chemistry have been given to this area many times: the Grignard reaction (1912), the Diels-Alder

  • Capacitor Lab Report

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    INTRODUCTION 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Fundamentals of capacitor Capacitor is very useful component in the field of engineering and it is used in various electrical and electronic circuitries. Capacitor stores energy in the form of electric field. Capacitor also known as condensers which stores energy when charge and release energy when discharge . There are different forms of capacitors which are used widely, but common thing about this all capacitors is that they are made of two conductors