Engineering Physics Personal Statement

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I am a prospective graduate student with keen interest in various fields of physics. My research interests lie primarily in the area of material science and engineering. I am particularly interested to explore sustainable energy applications of Nanoscience and technology.
I would not say I had such a clear conviction of where my interest lie right from the beginning of my undergraduate studies. Since my school days, sports and extracurricular activities are a vital part of my life. I have participated in various zonal, state and national level competitions since I was 7 years old and have won a lot of prizes and scholarships for the same. I did not discontinue my involvement in non scholastic activities even after high school. In my first year at college, I grossly underestimated the rigor of my college and focused more on these activities, because of which my grades suffered and I even got a backlog in one of the subjects in the first semester. I still vividly remember the winter break after first semester: I was overwrought to the brink of breakdown but I somehow managed. The acute remorse and distress I had felt that day left a lasting impression on me. From then on, I started taking interest in academic
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In the beginning of 7th semester I chose Material Science and Technology as my minor elective which comprised of the following courses : Introduction to spintronics and Nano science and technology. I realized that one of the bigger challenges, that will have an important bearing on our lives in the near future, is the development of efficient sustainable energy systems. Nanotechnology not only refers to the miniaturization but also the precise manipulation of atoms and molecules to design and control the properties of the nanomaterials. Focusing on the energy domain, nanotechnology has the potential to significantly reduce the impact of energy production, storage and
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