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  • Tropospheric Ozone Layer Research Paper

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    “Assessment of Tropospheric Ozone Concentration in Natividad Hall, Bulacan State University” I. Introduction Ozone is a form of elemental oxygen that occurs in the atmosphere, and is classed as an air pollutant harmful to human health. Using the Schoenbein technique, levels of ozone at sites of interest can be quantified. Ozone molecules are comprised of three oxygen atoms bonded in a structure that is highly reactive as an oxidizing agent, and they occur in both the stratosphere and troposphere

  • Ozone Layer Speech

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    Introduction The ozone layer is a belt of ozone gas in the stratosphere, 6.2 up to 31 miles above the lithosphere. This layer serves as a barrier from the harmful ultraviolet- B radiations emitted by the sun (National Geographic, 2010). Ozone layer is composed of continuously interaction of ozone, a molecule that is composed of three oxygen atom molecules. Cornu and Hatley first described the unique role of these molecules in absorption of ultraviolet light. In addition, the ozone layer was first discovered

  • Speech On Ozone Layer

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    The Earth has a deep layer (at an altitude of 10km) in the stratosphere which contains large amounts of ozone. This layer is called the ozone layer. The ozone layer stops the harmful ultra-violet rays from getting through the Earth. Thanks to the protective shield of the ozone layer there is life on Earth. The ozone layer is a “conserver of life on Earth” Ozone is a triatomic molecule of oxygen. Its chemical formula is O_3 and it is a natural component of the atmosphere. It is formed through a

  • Speech On Ozone Layer Depletion

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    OZONE LAYER DEPLETION The ozone layer or ozone layer is a region of Earth 's stratosphere that absorbs most of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It contains high concentrations of ozone (O3) in relation to other parts of the atmosphere, although still small in relation to other gases in the stratosphere. The ozone layer contains less than 10 parts per million of ozone, while the average ozone concentration in Earth 's atmosphere as a whole is about 0.3 parts per million. The ozone layer is mainly

  • Ozone Layer Speech

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    people knew that it is producing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. I will be discussing global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer. Today there is concern that our ozone layer is depleting due to the release of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) Into our atmosphere. This means harmful rays from the sun can harm the Earth. After the whole of the ozone layer is created, it is harder for the gasses to leave because they are absorbed into the earth. These harmful gases and UV rays cause an increase

  • Speech: The Ozone Layer

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    The Ozone layer The Ozone"Earth’s Natural Sun block" • Introduction The ozone is a crucial layer that surrounds our planet (the earth), and keeps us alive. It is known as the earth 's natural sunscreen. It blocks the devastating U.V radiation and prevents them from reaching distances beyond the mesosphere layer, whereas if the U.V made its way to the earth, it may result in deadly effects. In this report the history, structure and the effects of the industrial and human interference with this

  • Types Of Environmental Pollution Essay

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    Environmental Pollution Environmental pollution is when contaminants enter the environment that are unable to break down and cause harm to the nature and organisms that are exposed to them. Environmental pollution causes harmful effects on the whole earth in many of ways and have catastrophic effects. Even though there are many sources to pollution and it would be impossible to stop all the sources, environmental pollution should be assuaged. Environmental pollution comes in a various of forms

  • Ozone Layer Research Paper

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    gases. Some of the oxygen turns in to ozone (O3), which creates the ozone layer in the stratosphere. Ozone is concentrated around an altitude of 25km. Ozone molecules absorb the dangerous light rays from the sun, so the ray breaks apart and only heats the surrounding by not damaging something. Ozone layer depletion is simply the wearing out of the amount of ozone in the atmosphere. This causes huge holes in the ozone layer of the earth and decrease in ozone amount that causes severe damages on the

  • Argumentative Essay On French Fries

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    French fries shouldn't be served in school cafeteria Without a doubt, French fries are one of America's favorite food and a huge part of the fast-food chain. French fries may seem the least of all evils when perusing a restaurant menu but what people may or may not know is that a medium order of fries has 365 calories along with 17 grams of fat which equals 26% of your daily value and 10% of the upper limit you should eat in a day. Haven't you ever asked yourself where do French fries come from?

  • Climate Change In Margaret Atwood's Oryx And Crake

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    Margaret Atwood's novel, Oryx and Crake is a fictional novel which portrays a world where over consuming and environmental negligence has led to the destruction of ecosystems and the species which live within. It is believed that her novels are often written in response to what she observes in our current world, and although Oryx and Crake depict a post apocalyptic world after the full effects of climate change are felt it is not completely unlikely that our world could transform into a similar state

  • Essay On Human Influence On Environment

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    Human Influence on the Environment Air Pollution Air Pollution is when a poisonous or a harmful substance is released in the air. There are many form of pollution but air is one of them, it only occurs when dust, harmful gases or smoke enters into the atmosphere and makes it hard for species like plants, animals and humans to live in a difficult situation because of the dirty air.Air Pollution is classified in two sections, invisible air pollution and visible air pollution.. Hence any substance

  • Pollution Essay: The Haze Problem In Malaysia

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    A. Haze problem is a phenomenon where dust, smoke, and particles are dried and assembled in the air, causing blurred vision and reduced visibility. This happens when weather conditions prevent the contaminants from widely disseminated. What happens when the haze is concentrated pollutants to the area and draped it and this generally results in a less clear view and can also be a threat to health, especially the health of the respiratory system. B. Nowadays , the haze is a particularly acute problem

  • Sources Of Air Pollution Essay

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    2.3 SOURCES OF AIR POLLUTION From the above discussion we could get a brief idea about the various types of Air Pollutants and now we will study about the fact that what is the source from where these air pollutants arises. Therefore, the brief discussion of the sources of air pollutants is written as follows. The sources of air pollutants is divided into two types one is Natural Sources and the other is Man- made sources. Natural sources of pollution includes dust carried by the wind from different

  • Persuasive Essay On Clean Air

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    waste law, because of the want to anticipate concoction discharge tragedies. Following 10 years of exertion, Congress at long last passed the 1990 Clean Air Act revisions which require various new projects went for checking urban ozone, country corrosive rain, stratospheric ozone, poisonous air contamination outflows and vehicle discharges, and building up another, uniform national allow framework. “Most air contamination originates from vitality utilize and generation," ( Walker , G.P. 2001

  • The Pros And Disadvantages Of Online Advertising In Sri Lanka

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    2.2. ADVERTISING Advertising is nowadays extensively used and makes a visible contact with the consumers. Advertisements communicate functional and emotional values (De Chernatony, 2010) of brands and products to the consumers which in turn craft strong, constructive and unique relations of brands in the mind of the consumers. An advertisement is a amalgamation of certain elements that are content or message to be conveyed, the execution or the style of conveying the exacting message and the frequency

  • How To Reduce Air Pollution

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    phenomenon occurrence such as volcanic eruptions, results in damaging effects on the welfare of human beings and the living environment. This natural phenomenon and human activities which resulting in air pollution can cause serious damaged to the ozone layer which cause the rise in the temperature of the earth. Based on Air Pollutants Index of Malaysia (APIMS) official website, it is stated that the methods in knowing the seriousness of the air pollution in a certain country is through air pollutant

  • Environmental Change: Factors That Affect Climate Change

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    known to cause adverse health effects, including on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Particles may in part come from outdoor pollution, but can also form indoors by the burning of fuels for heating and cooking, and by reactions between ozone and some volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition, man-made nanoparticles, that are increasingly used in consumer products, may have an impact as indoor air pollutants. Radon - Radon is a gas that occurs naturally in soil and rock in some regions

  • Disadvantages Of Lipid Soap

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    The remaining glycerine in the soap is removed by boiling with water, sodium chloride and small amount of sodium hydroxide solution. Through this process, two layers of solution is formed. The top layer is the wet soap and the bottom layer is known as nigre lye which contained small amount of soap, glycerine and sodium chloride. The top layer is extracted and flash dried then scraped off the walls of the vacuum chamber. The soap chips are now ready to be converted into different products through various

  • Importance Of Biodiversity Conservation Essay

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    In order to survive or in for survival the process of conservation is needed for every living organism. Even an ant conserves food to so that in winter season there should not be any difficulty in searching for food. Our planet Earth is the home to many diverse lives which vary from each other. We popularly call this as biodiversity as biological diversity used for describing the variety of lives present on earth. Habitat destruction or excessive harvesting of particular specie may prove to be a

  • Saponification Process Of Soap

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    The saponification (a reaction in making soap) process is a base (usually NaOH or KOH) hydrolysis of triglycerides to make salt (soap) and glycerol. Alkalis such as Sodium carbonate and Sodium hydroxide are used to neutralize the fatty acid and convert it to a salt. The molecules crystallize differently depending on the base used. NaOH produces a harder bar while KOH is used more frequently for liquid soaps. In some cases, Lithium soaps are formed and produce much harder soaps. There are four