Road traffic safety Essays

  • The Pros And Cons Of Driverless Cars

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    broadly debated in our society. It is a significant matter because it concerns the street development and road safety of how we drive in the future. Towards this particular subject there has been a range of different arguments that have been put forward. Robotic cars should enter society because they are convenient. They will improve road safety, decrease street traffic, reduce human errors on the road and time will be saved, making the journey enjoyable. There are many advantages

  • Truck Drivers Persuasive Speech

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    to be increased around the United States in order to make roads more efficient and safer for everyone. It would start with the people driving in the United States and then use the traction it achieves from the recognition to influence the government officials who can make the real changes. I want to see the roads become a safer place and one of the best ways for this to happen would be to decrease the large amount of variance on the roads. The best course of actions for my audience to take would

  • Distracted Driving Persuasive Speech

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    technology is a major contributing factor. The presentation will also show that these figures are especially high in young drivers. The goal is to have the audience take away an understanding of how attempting to focus on anything other than the road while behind the wheel is a dangerous act not only to themselves but for others as well. Intended Audience: My ideal audience for this presentation would be drivers under the age of thirty. However this information is beneficial to anyone of driving

  • Process Essay On Defensive Driving

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    and aware of your surroundings and actions is an extremely important skill to obtain when getting behind the wheel. There are bountiful ways to ensure safety on the roads which include defensive driving and not operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. These techniques are guaranteed to ensure safe conduct on the road and can save lives, whether it be your own or others. Defensive driving refers to the process of learning how to anticipate problems before they happen

  • The Importance Of Speeding

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    Matter of fact, "road traffic crashes is the second leading cause of death worldwide" even though it can be controlled and a majority of it stopped (Bener 54). With men, on average, being semi-drivers and driving the cars they own, they are at more of a risk of being the cause

  • Careless Driving Offences

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    Heavy penalties should be imposed on careless drivers as evidence suggests that careless driving remains a major road safety concern for the general public and is associated with many road deaths and injuries. Careless driving as defined by police authorities and legal bodies as driving without due care and attention and usually without reasonable consideration for other road users. List of careless or unsafe driving actions can go on and on and some of them are aggressive driving, speeding, illegal

  • Pros And Negatives Of City Driving

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    City driving – good and bad sides Everyone should be aware of benefits when driving a motorcycle in crowded traffic, but also there are huge number of situations you should be very aware of, in collision with a car, motorcycle will lose. And so are you as the driver. Bright side of two wheels Let’s talk first about bright side, you don’t need to worry about parking spaces and traffic jams. When red light turn on, you are first to go! Moving with ease between the cars is a true time saver. Freeway

  • Flat Tire Safety Process Essay

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    stranded on the side the road. When a tire loses all its air, it loses the ability to support weight. If a tire goes flat while driving, you will hear and feel the vibration from the suspension and usually causes a heavy pull towards the side of the flat tire. It is important to selected a proper spot to pull out of the road, following a few safety measures to protect yourself, and following a few simple steps will help you replace the flat tire and have you back on the road in no time. If you are

  • Emergency Car Kits Essay

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    Emergencies are called emergencies because they catch us by surprise. Examples of some common emergencies are massive traffic accidents, breakdowns, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, hail storns and the like. Some people get stuck in their cars during such emergencies. Emergency car kits can provide the nourishment and devices that they need to survive for at least 72 hours. Many people wonder what should be in an emergency car kit? A good kits should have water, food, blankets, communication and

  • Importance Of Speed Limits

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    vehicle movement is deemed more important, with development on both sides of the road which is the speed limit including 30 mph zone. Speed limits are set generally to balance road traffic safety concerns with the effect on travel time and mobility. Speed limits are also sometimes used to reduce death, consumption of fuel or in response to environmental concerns. A road speed limit is the limit of speed allowed by law for road vehicles, usually the maximum speed allowed. Speed limits are usually set by

  • Have It Your Way: Consumerism Invades Education

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    Have you ever heard the saying "it was a bump in the road"? These speed bumps can make people go two different directions. Either it sends them careening off the road, or they go over it and keep moving forward. For college students, this bump is prerequisite classes. Depending on who you ask, these classes could be either a dirty word or the only way to success (Reed). Among many faculty members, when you attack on a prerequisite class, you are making an attack on the structure of academic education

  • Essay On Having A Driver's License

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    document issued by a governing body to a person who purposes to use the Highway Transportation system. It indicates that the person is not a danger to themselves or others while on the road. It permits an individual to operate some specific type of a motorized vehicle, for instance, cars, buses, or haulers on a public road. Each jurisdiction has its laws relating to the licensing of drivers. For example, in some States, a person must pass a driving test before they are issued a driver’s license while

  • Roadway Hazards In Driving

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    driving in any moving vehicle, one cannot trust themselves or any other driver around them. For that reason, people must be wary of the road and be aware of everything that happens around them. The danger that comes with driving starts when people get on the road when being unfamiliar with the signs and streets, and drive when in a bad mood. Once someone gets on the road being angered, upset, depressed, or unprofessional, they risk their own life and other people’s lives in vehicles around them. In order

  • Process Essay: How To Change A Tire

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    getting in contact with sharp objects such as glass or nails. It is surprising to know that many drivers do not actually know how to change a tire hence left stranded in the middle of the road. Most times they are assisted by others who offer to change the tire for them. In order not to become stranded on the road due to a flat tire, it is important to know the process of changing a tire. Three steps involved in changing a tire are to jack the car up, loosen the nuts and bolts, and to replace the tire

  • Trans Mountain Pipeline Case Study

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    economic effects must be considered. A route that runs along the road will require lane closures during construction which leads to traffic build up congestion and more pollution from stalled cars. However, if the route constantly cut through parks then many tress and habitats for local wildlife would be lost. A balance is required. By analyzing the road and traffic conditions you can determine the best locations for the pipe to run along the road, and the best times to have the construction take place.

  • Case Study: Carlyle Avenue Crosswalk

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    Without the crosswalk there could be more accidents than there are now. However, there are issues with traffic before and after school on Carlyle Avenue, West Boulevard, and in the East parking lot. Students who live within a mile of the school have no buses provided for them by the school. Those students who do not have a bus to ride either have to drive or walk to and from school. The traffic before and after school is both crazy and dangerous. In 2013, a boy was walking on the Carlyle Avenue

  • Argumentative Essay: Does Speed Really Kill?

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    energy, breaking distance and reaction time. But there are safety features to help reduce damage and injuries during accidents in many different ways as to decrease the risk of a dangerous crash. Three types of some safety features include seat belts, crumple zones and ABS brakes. How safe these features are will be investigated throughout this report. Consistently, governments and the police specialists target speeding drivers in their road safety campaigns and endeavours to lessen the street toll. The

  • Provo's Big Traffic Problems

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    One of the busiest places found in the world are main roads. Pedestrians, cars, bicycles, and other types of transportation are found everywhere in that area. Because of all the types of travel that take place along main roads, there can be busy traffic. There are usually regular times where many are making their way home, to school, and to work. In areas with a high population, traffic tends to be heavier and can impact the area in a bad way around it. Provo’s main streets are experiencing that

  • Persuasive Essay On Motorcycle Safety

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    - Motorcycle safety Suggested title: Motorcycle Safety Not Just Important in May! Suggested title: Motorcycle crashes and fatalities continue to rise in the US! Suggested title: Motorcyclists still in danger on American Roads! In 2014, nearly 90,000 motorcyclists were injured in road accidents. Although there was a decrease of almost 15% in crashes involving motorcycles, the fatality rate among motorcyclists remains a cause for concern. So,

  • Distracted Driving Advertisement Analysis

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    Reflecting on the advertisement by the U.S. Department of Transportation, there is much to aware of as a society, as the organization presentes distracted driving as a serious issue. The alarming advertisement, sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration quotes a guilty driver, “I was looking out for other cars. I didn’t see the mother and child in the crosswalk” ( Pedestrian PSA ). Underneath the quote is a picture of a turned over, bent, and empty stroller on the crosswalk. By using this specific