Trombone Essays

  • Honor Band Anxiety Essay

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    put my trombone together for my lesson. I hadn’t practiced for this lesson, it was

  • Personal Narrative: Quitting The Marching Band

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    of the hardest challenges for me was switching instruments the end of the eighth grade year for the marching band that next fall. My eighth grade year I decided to switch from flute to trombone. I played flute for four years before I decided I didn't want to march flute that year and since we had one trombones in the band and need more. I ask my band director if I could switch he said no. With a lot of going back and forth, finally he said yes, but I had to meet after school on Monday for help

  • Death In Venice Symbolism

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    In “Death in Venice”, there are several figures who work as triggers that seduced Aschenbach out from his self-restrained appreciation of beauty, and pushed him gradually into the realm of desire and unrestrained impulsions, which ultimately leaded him to his death. These figures are contextual symbols in this novella, and to Aschenbach, the encountering with each figure represented a new change to his path, and pushes him forward in his journey. The plot of this novella, which is Aschenbach’s journal

  • The Importance Of Music To Film Music

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    Music as an artistic way to accompany people from their born to grow up, and it influences people to have their own analysis to art performance, no matter its musical or film music. As I start to take this course, I begin to pay more attention to the film music and realize how the importance of music in a film. Through the learning of unit 4, I got some important concepts of dramatic film score. The music change makes the film industry get into a new page, and directors begin to accept the existence

  • Triumph Of The Will Analysis

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    Alan Sennett gives more interesting insight about the power of imagery in his journal article, Film Propaganda: Triumph of the Will as a Case Study: Of particular significance and artistic merit is the aforementioned opening sequence that constructs Hitler as a god-like figure descending from the heavens through the clouds over Nuremberg to visit his adoring worshippers. The powerful religious imagery of the first part of the film surely could not have been achieved simply through competent montage

  • Igor Stravinsky The Rite Of Spring Analysis

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    “The Rite of Spring” was certainly the most controversial piece of orchestral music of its time. The piece, composed by the Russian Composer Igor Stravinsky, included a great deal of uncommon musical elements. But was it really that uncommon? The world-changing ballet, “The Rite of Spring” was so controversial when it debuted in 1913, because it completely contradicted the common rhythmic and harmonic languages of the music at the time. The choreography and costumes were a main part of the reason

  • Stravinsky Rite Of Spring Analysis

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    Painter Nicholas Roerich idea teamed together Igor Stravinsky in 1923, he perpetuates a pagan ceremony in which a young girl dance to death. The concept of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring is early spring of 1910. Stravinsky wrote, "... the rise of the image of a sacrificed pagan ritual: the wise old man sitting in a circle and they watched dance before her death they offer as a sacrifice to spring god for his kindness. This became the main focus” The Rite of Spring”. When writing Firebird, Stravinsky

  • Carlisle Indian School Analysis

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    Since the dawn of time, society has always had a major issue in cultural believes. Less and less people find the need to know and understand other people’s customs, which lead to the misunderstanding of people’s lifestyle. The Carlisle Indian School was a horrible attempt to place children of Native American tribes into US culture by placing them in boarding school. The school was used to educate and civilize Indians, “kill the Indian, save the man” (Bear). Edward Thorp was one of those student at

  • Describe My Cultural Identity

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    and watch with my family. Also the ways stuff is celebrated and the way that interpret stuff as a christian. My cultural identity is represented by playing the trombone, playing football, and by preparing the christmas tree. A trombone represents my culture and me. In 2014 when I was in sixth grade I decided to play the trombone. A trombone is a multi colored instrument. That has a low and high tone that can be altered when ever by the amount of air being used. When it is being played you change the

  • Band Class Reflection

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    I have been in band class since 6th grade. I became interested in band because I like music and watching other people play cymbals and the trombone. Band class is a class students enjoy because it is fun and it is teamwork. To begin with, band is fun. You can play any instrument that you want. For example, you could play a trumpet, clarinet, or flute. It’s is fun learning to play an instrument because you can hear new music and learn to play songs that you like. Performing in a concert can

  • My Life Changing Event Essay

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    Life Changing Event It was less than a second, but it changed my life. When I was little, my mom had just dropped me off at my grandparents house because she had to go to work. As soon as I walked into the doorway, my mammaw told me that she had a big present for me. She walked me into her bedroom and there was a very big present on the soft covers. I Eagerly jumped onto the bed and started to rip open the present. As soon as I saw what it was, I screamed with joy. Inside the wrapping paper was

  • Beethoven Symphony No. 9

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    instrumentation used for Symphony No. 9 included: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets in A, 2 clarinets in B-flat, 2 clarinets in C, 2 bassoons, 2 Horns (1 and 2) in D and B-flat, 2 Horns (3 and 4) in B-flat (bass), B-flat and E-flat, 2 Trumpets in D and B-flat, 3 Trombones (alto, tenor, and bass; second and fourth movements only), violins I, II, viola, cello and double bass. Beethoven included the piccolo, contrabassoon, bass drum, triangle, cymbals, soprano solo, alto solo, tenor solo, baritone solo and soprano, alto

  • Orchestra Instrument

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    Instruments of a Philharmonic orchestra, their position and how this contributes and or hinders the overall acoustics sound of the score. I chose this topic because I have heard the philharmonic orchestra many times before at ballets over the years. Even though I had heard them I never knew what the orchestra was composed of and how they made an impact on the mood or atmosphere of the room. It also made me curious about how the way that the different instruments worked so well together and how they

  • Marching Band Motivation Report

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    Although the title “band nerd” doesn’t sound as impressive as being a star athlete, I wear my uniform with pride. Playing trombone in the marching band has earned the top spot on my list of favorite high school activities. Being a member of the Ardmore High School Marching Band has been both a positive and challenging experience. When I was selected to serve as band president for the 2015 marching band, I was both honored and excited for the upcoming season. Winds of change swept across

  • Personal Narrative Essay On Pull Up

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    up test at the end of the semester too but we get modified pull ups which we can get at the most is 16 resulting in “B-” Andrew then in fury exclaimed, “Shut Up. That 's what I thought.” Ignoring him, I then asked, “You know that setting up my trombone requires a lot of energy and muscles which can help you gain more bone support and stronger muscles. This way you will get an “A” on the pull-ups test, right?” Andrew then replied, “And where did you get that evidence from?” I then responded, “A

  • Evolution Of Marching Band

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    competition.” During the four years of high school, I was able to get involved with the East Peoria High School Band program. The marching band has evolved since I joined in 2011 and it has been improving each year. My freshman year we used to march trombones, I was probably the worst one on the field when it came to the marching aspect. There was a lot of foundation work being planted as I learned the terms, how to read drill, remembering counts, memorizing music, managing homework on long Tuesday night

  • Personal Narrative: All-State Honor

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    accepted was a possibility. At the audition, this belief was reinforced further after hearing one other trombone in the warm-up room. His tone was beautiful and he surpassed my technical ability to play in every portion of the études; if even a few other players performed as well as him, there was no way for me to succeed. A month of painstakingly detailed practice felt worthless after hearing one trombone player warming up. I truly believed that I already lost. Regardless, I went into the audition room

  • Personal Narrative: Bounded People Have Their Instruments

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    Personal Narrative It all started during band. Before the bell rang everyone was supposed to have their instruments, so me, David, and Arthur assembled our trombones. When the bell rang Mr.Glover told us that the trombones to practice in the old choir room. So we went straight into the band room when we found out what songs we were to play. David’s tuning slide was stuck so I went back out and gave him my slide grease then I said “look how easy mine slides up” and I just barely pushed it up and

  • Analysis Of Fanfare For The Common Man By Arron Copland

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    that almost inspiring and patriotic feel. This piece is orchestrated from various trumpets, horns, trombones, tubas, timpanis, bass drums, and gongs. "It don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing") by Duke Ellington was performed in 1932, and sung in "Blue Note"; which to simply put it is a note half a step lower than what is expected. This piece is orchestrated from various trumpets, trombones, saxophones, pianos, banjos, basses, and drums; however,

  • Divergent Scene Analysis

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    This scene has so many different decorated effects like the canted angle and the trombone shot we feel scared and it doesn't seem ordinary to see those effects. Also the lighting here is desaturated unlike the rest of the movie which is mainly saturated, we feel this other world that they are in and how cold and scary it is. All the shots