A Brief Note On Reflection

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In this reflection I will give an answer to the question ‘to what extent am I competent for the study (Main phase 1)? And why? This quartile was rather difficult for. Not only because there were a lot of assignments and pressure but also because I sometimes had the feeling that there was a mirror right in front me. This quartile I started with thinking about the way that I handle in difficult situations and in bigger groups. The reason for that was because I had a lot of group assignments this quartile. I found that I improved all some skills, but that I still had to improve other things. Examples of these are my communicating skills and my planning skills. I did not have the opportunity to develop myself or to learn a lot of things during the Industry Experience since the injury that I had, but still I got good feedback and compliments about my help. Since this quartile I have the feeling that I have become more social and open. A reason for that could be that I lost some friends (part of that was my own decision the rest was theirs.) These ‘friends’ gave me the feeling that I had to be with them all the time and that all the other classmates are mean or strange. Now I know that this is not the case, since I started to explore the class and found out that everybody could be nice and friendly. It gave me the feeling that I am more respected in the class now and that I am way better off without them. I also am more social because of my open attitude now. I used to be a bit

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