A Trip To A School Trip In Singapore

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I have been to Singapore for the high school trip. During the school trip, we went to a night safari. We had dinner and saw animals from the tram. After having dinner, we saw animals. When we moved to the tram stop, my friend Nana and I were talking girls talk, and decided to slowly walk to the end of our class line. We talked in earnest what should Nana does to take picture with my friend who Nana likes. He was different class. We were class 2, but he was class 8 so we didn’t see him and move together. We thought it is chance for Nana to take picture with him before getting on the tram when we wait on line. But suddenly we left our class because a Chinese group cut into our line. We lost sight of them and struggled to catch up with our classmates but we push our way through the crowd, and arrived to the tram stop. We jumped on the tram soon as we heard our home room teacher call our names with his hand waved at the rearmost seat of the tram. We rode next to him and said "safe". However, other classmates were seated in front of mine, then realized that it was not our class bus! We saw our classmates cross the street from the tram stop to tram. My home room teacher was a free spirit, so he arrived on tram stop without our classmates. Not withstanding, the safari park staff fastened the safety chains around the seating area of the tram. Since we could not get off the tram and get on our class tram, we unfortunately toured around the park with another class. We were surprised

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