Ability Profiling And School Failure

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Ability Profiling and School Failure by Kathleen Collins illustrates how Laura’s generalizations and lack effort to understand Jay hindered his ability to grow throughout the school year. This lack of understanding in the complexity of Jay’s learning experience reveals a greater systematic issue. Laura constantly blamed Jay’s behavior on his upbringing and labeled him as emotionally impaired. In this complex situation Laura did not look at all the possibilities for Jay’s performance in school. She had a preconceived idea of Jay’s abilities, which led her to her harsh treatment of Jay. Laura’s management skills are not viable solutions especially since she isn’t giving an unbiased effort. These actions are apparent in the teachings of Jay when she presumed Jay had a lack of competence. As an educator she would not self-reflect or consider Kathleen’s perspectives as valuable. Throughout the text, there are instances where Laura could have had a differentiated instruction to accommodate for the capabilities of all her students yet she ostracized certain students such as Jay instead.
In this book we learn that Jay is an African American boy who lives with his grandparents and is surrounded by his family. He previously went to school in a urban area where the school population was more diverse than the area he lives in now. During this school year Jay is in a school where the majority of the community is white. It appears that Jay is situated as less intelligent than his white

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