Abuse In Nursing Home Essay

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Abuse in nursing homes is more common than people think. The frequency of mistreatment in nursing homes and the role that staffing and staff training may play in the prevention of such mistreatment is explored in the article “Prevention of Elder Mistreatment in Nursing Homes: Competencies for Direct-Care Staff” by Dana Dehart. While nursing home residents are often out-of-sight thus out-of-mind for many in society, their population is significant. Dehart (2009) states, “There are approximately 18,000 nursing homes in the United States with an over-all 1.6 million inhabitants, and numbers are anticipated to multiply to 6.7 million occupants by 2045” (p. 360). Under the management of other medical staff, nurses are usually the ones helping residents…show more content…
Because data on abuse in nursing homes specifies that physical neglect may be the most typical kind reported, this paper will explore what preventive services or methods can be employed to stop such…show more content…
Even though some types of nursing home neglect are noticeable, numerous cases of nursing home neglect go unreported and ignored. Reporting nursing home neglect can make a difference between life and death for the patient being mistreated. Malnourishment, thirst, and ulcers are noteworthy worries for a nursing home patient. These physical forms of nursing home neglect may be more definitely identifiable for the patient’s family when they come to visit their loved ones. Wounds from nursing home drops, or choking in a nursing home bed, are likewise both instances of physical nursing home neglect (Gil,
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