Abuse Of Animal Abuse

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According to “ASPCA”, “An animal is abused every 10 seconds in this country. ” Also the article, “Number of households in the U.S.,” states, their are 126.22 million households in the U.S.. In addition, according to, “Factoid! Can you guess how many U.S. homes have pets?” explains, 79.7 million households have pets. That 's a lot of animals getting abused! Animals can be abused from getting chained or tethered to a tree, physically hurting, or not getting fed. Leaving your pet chained or tethered to a tree First, animals can be abused by getting left chained or tethered to a tree. When a dog is chained/tethered to a tree it doesn’t get the energy it needs. First, mostly every dog needs to be walked, played with, or just let outside to chase a squirrel or deer. But when it’s chained it doesn’t get exercise. Also they become mean chained to a tree. According to, me, my neighbor used to have a dog that was chained to one of their trees in their backyard, when I was seven years old I had my friend over, the dog got loose and charged at me, so we just ran for our lives. Lastly, keeping a dog tethered or chained can make your dog more aggressive. According to, The Humane Society, “....tethering has been proven to be a high risk factor in serious dog bites and attacks. Tethering is unsafe for dogs and for the public….” That 's how tethering and chaining is bad for your dog. Physically hurting your pet Second, Physically hurting your pet, first, some people get really angry

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