Essay On Shock Collars

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My own personal dog has a hard time learning to not bark at cars. She spazzes out until it’s gone, we’ve went to multiple trainers and they believe she needed medicine to calm her down. It’s not her fault, it was the way she was raised. Dog training is a long extensive process, it has taken roughly four months to train her to walk on the sidewalk without barking at cars. Because training is a time consuming task and no one has time for positive reinforcement, most believe a quick shock is an easy effective way. Although positive reinforcement training is time consuming it is rewarding, because it allows you to build a bond between you and your dog. Unlike shock collars, it allows dogs to have a positive outlook on the correction, whereas shock collars associate it negatively with pain. For instance, …show more content…

Shock collars can create adverse behavioral effects, such as associating a neutral object with pain from a shock collar, in which creates a negative association. The text state’s “...e-collars in training are associated with behavioural and physiological responses that are consistent with significant negative emotional states; this was not seen to the same extent in the control population. It is therefore suggested that the use of e-collars in training pet dogs can lead to a negative impact on welfare…” (Defra). This illustrates that shock collars can lead to a negative impact on the dog. There have been many stories of dogs associating other dogs as enemies. Such as, one story about this owner shocking their dog after being pulled to greet another dog. The owner shocked the dog and the dog becomes confused and frightened, believing that a dog cause the shock. Another time, the dog actually attacked the oncoming dog because of fear of being shocked. This problem would have been solved by a gentle leader or some training. My own dog has an issue of pulling and instead of using a “prong” collar or a e-collar, we invested in a gentle leader in which helped

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