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Interview techniques focus on active listening skills. Those who have their backs against the wall, please go outside the room. The rest stays in the room. Those who are outside are briefed shortly. The rest is the inside group. Listen to the instruction.

Conduct interviews and ask questions. Monitors ask questions (person from the outside group who shortly enter the room and sit in front). Interlocutors are your colleagues, and you know each other well. What is your favourite holiday? When interlocutors talk, then monitors ensure that the conversation keeps going. Melt the ice between the two from the start of the interview. At some point, you lose concentration and interest in the answers you get from your friend.

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Any distractions are avoided and allow for silence. Averted gaze, touching the ear or scratching the chin because it can cause disbelief. If unconvinced or in disbelief, then attention invariably wanders somewhere else. Your eyes gaze away for an extended period. One's face has feelings and moods, and emits signals that easily reveal one's character and purpose. One's facial expressions during conversation can build camaraderie, no matter the conversation details a sad story, laugh at a joke, or when a serious matter is discussed, but it can also reveal a sense of information being withheld or hidden agenda.

Interlocutors identify and assess who the monitors are and where they are from. If interlocutors look from one eye to the other, and then to the forehead, then it signals taking an authoritative stand (superior to monitors).

If interlocutors move their sight from one eye to the other eye and then to the monitors nose, then it signals a willingness to start a conversation with neither holding superiority. If interlocutors look from one eye to the other and then down to the lip, then it indicates romantic feelings.

Is this not a culturally bounded

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