Advantage And Disadvantage Of Social Media Essay

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A network that is constantly used by many people, yet it is considered to be fast growing and the most accessible site is social media. Social media is another form of online communication-used as a tool for people to gather information and to bring people closer or perhaps further apart depending on how they viewed and observed what is shown publicly. The idea of all types of social media is nevertheless the same; it is different in the way it is formatted. By predetermining the advantages and disadvantages of social media, this essay will discuss the effects that it has upon users whether it is an opportunity or a threat. Considering the possibility, the network provides a wide range of unlimited access to connect, making it very convenient…show more content…
A study shows that ‘networking sites are prominent part of social communication among...teenagers and it is clear that these sites have embedded themselves in the school culture’ (Meena, Mittal and Solanki, 2012). As a result, users at this moment continuously use the media for either stress relief, loneliness, boredom, leisure and reality getaway, they can go for hours and possibly days without realizing that they have other priorities. Afterwards they would loss track of time, which results in procrastination- it is what makes them unable to focus. Other than that it also affects their private lives, academic performance and relationships. Using too much social networking sites can create anxiety as well as insomnia, the more frequent the usage of media, the higher the chance of being addicted. According to Kuss and Griffiths (2011) ‘those who identified themselves as SNS users and those who looked for a sense of belongingness on SNS’s appeared to be at risk for developing an addiction to SNS’s’. Moreover, once an individual is addicted to something it is hard to let go, because it is like a temptation, an arduous effort for the affection that individuals feels is having the desire and the need to get
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