Advantages And Disadvantages Of Milk Frother

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Isn’t it cool to enjoy a nice cup of coffee before you set off for work or when you finally find the time to relax after a busy day? The creamy topping on top just makes your drink even more delicious. You know you need a milk frother at home so that you can make your own drink whenever you want. Choosing the right appliance to use is not simple, though, with quite a number of factors to consider.

Before we go into details about these factors, it is useful to have a quick look at main types of electric frothers. Basically, your choice will be one of the following: handheld, hand pump, electric or steam frother.

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The machine is quite large and expensive; however, it can produce froth efficiently.

Now it is time we check out factors for consideration:

1. Budget

You can always get a milk frother that fits your budget, whether you intend to spend just a few dollar only or you are willing to pocket several hundred to several thousand dollar. The handheld and hand pump types are simple and therefore are inexpensive. Electric and espresso machine cost you more but offer you additional benefits. Overall, an electric milk frother can be the best option: it is in the middle price range and has necessary features to make delicious froth.

2. Manual, battery-powered or electricity-powered?

Using manual frother means you have to rely on any other sources of power except for your own strength. It can be burdensome when you have to make a lot of coffee cups at one time. On the other hand, if you run out of batteries or there is a blackout, you can’t use your handheld or electric frother. One solution is using rechargeable batteris: you don’t have to worry about battery issue anymore.

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Capacity and usage frequency

How often do you drink coffee at home? Do you mainly make a cup or two at a time or you often treat your groups of friend at home?

Due to limited capacity of the handheld or hand pump frother, you can’t serve a large quantity of froth at once. If you don’t mind standing for long at one place to make froth, either one of these two appliances is fine.

With an electric or steam frother, you can quickly make nice drinks for your friends; you should consider such type of milk frother for frequent usage and large serving capacity.

6. Additional features:

Since the handheld and hamp pump frothers can help you heat up milk, you need to put milk in the oven or microwave before frothing. Electric and steam frothers save you the trouble of doing so: they heat up and “agitate” milk at the same time – you only have to set up the time and temperature. Also, take note that these two advanced types can make more than just frothed milk.

We hope that by now, you have a clearer idea of what milk frother you want to purchase. Happy shopping ! giám đốc DongA

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