Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Media assignment Using your knowledge of selected theoretical perspectives and key concepts to evaluate the contrasting views of social networking expressed by Argument A and Argument B. Argument A
Online social networking is a fine example of the way in which technology can respond to a real human need; in this case, the need for better, faster and more sophisticated interpersonal and group communication. Online networking does not just improve social connectivity; it enables knowledge to be pooled rapidly and efficiently so that businesses can work more effectively even if workers are geographically dispersed. Social network sites encourage creative self-expression. We can combine speech, music, writing and moving images to project ourselves as individuals and as groups.
I agree with this point the internet is constantly creating better, faster and more sophisticated interpersonal and group communication but this is not good thing. Social networking maybe can help people communicate in business better between large distances but we as individuals are losing our identities and nobody seems to care. It was not so long ago your family name was something to be proud of a extension of who you are passed down generation to generation but with the growth of social networks I believe we are starting to see that die. People use their real names on social networking sites to express racist view, bully people and even troll celebrities. The fact of the matter is that

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