Advantages And Disadvantages Of Television And Its Impact On The World

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Television is the worst invention Twenty first century is the era of flourishing, development and progression of the technology. Technology progression and flourishing give another meaning to the life. Technology has changed the way of communication among people and societies. Technology has brought more facilities and comforts in people life. Through the technology people can preserve the time and do more and hard task with high speed. Sometime, it works in opposite way, it takes more time. Some of the modern technology instruments beside its advantages affect negatively on people life. Television is one of the modern technologies which are so popular among the people in all over the world. Television has invented by John Baird in 1926 in United Kingdom. Television derived from two words together. The 'tele ' a Greek word which means 'far away ' and vision a Latin word means 'sight '. Therefore, television means seeing things from far away. Television networks and channels through all over world broadcast thousands of different programs about different issues. Every television broadcast different program which includes: news, entertainment, political shows, social programs, advertisements and cultural programs. Television channels differ in terms of audience, where they broadcast their programs. Some of television channels have internally broadcast and some of them have internationally broadcast. Beside its advantages, it also has disadvantages which
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