Advantages And Disadvantages Of The South In The Civil War

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Although the Civil War was expected to be a quick victory due to Northern superiority in supplies and number of men, the continuation of the war for months and then years told a different story. Though subtle, the South did have advantages, such as more competent generals, greater will power, and better strategy. These less obvious advantages allowed the South to prolong the Civil War beyond what anyone could have imagined. Long term causes such as he South’s superior generals, and the North’s abundance of supplies, paved the way for medium term causes such as greater Southern morale, and Northern delay in attacking the South. The short-term causes are the ones that are more obvious catalysts for lengthening the war, such as the Southern victory at the Battle of Bull Run. The different ranges of causation are pieced together and allowed the South to …show more content…

Something that was a medium term cause for lengthening of the Civil War was the Northern delay in the war. This was the consequence of two long-term causes. These included poor leadership by generals and further an overabundance of supplies and more troops than the South. At the beginning of the war the North wanted to wait until they had accumulated more supplies and had amassed a greater army before attacking the South, by doing so they had allowed the South to have time to devise plans. Due to this Lee was even able to advance parts of the confederate army and push back Union troops and even tried to attack Union troops at Richmond. George McClellan was a general at the beginning of the War and with his passive strategies and lack of authority; it was hard for the Union troops to overcome the South. This caused the North to lose many battles during the beginning of the war, especially on the Eastern front, which is a short-term

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