Advantages And Objectives Of Tappers Cafe

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a. Tappers Cafe’s Objectives
The Tappers Café objective is to offer their customers with genuinely delicious and unrivalled culinary experience with the uttermost concern, quality and warmth with their humble welcoming policies and along with their beautiful and comfy surroundings. (The reason on why they come out with this objective is because of the CEO of this organization that comes out with an idea when he was studying in Europe. So, he just wanted to bring forward the way the waitress treated their customers in the Europe into Malaysia in order to be different with other competitors in market and also the way the Europe country give priority to the quality of food for their customers. They treat their customers with a great care in order to retain them in their café. For example, Tappers Café giving their customer the opportunity to see how their food being prepared by the chef with high standard hygiene. They provide this opportunity in order to achieve their goals and of course to delight their customers as well. Tappers Café objective is viewed to be compliance and efficient in order to success in their organization in the marketplace.

b. Internal Alignment of Tappers Cafe
Internal alignment refers to the pay relationship between job, skill, competencies within a single organization. The Human Resource Department gives the payoff to their employees according to their job position in the café. They are practicing closely tailored structure as their business is well

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