Advantages Of Self Driving Cars

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The world of transportation is continually advancing and adapting to the new ways of life of the human race. A long time ago all primitive humans had to get from place to place was our their two feet. Then humans domesticated horses and other animals so that they could get places faster and more effortlessly. After horses, human started to get more creative and started to build their own modes of transportation. They built boats, railroads, automobiles, planes, subways, and even rockets, all to make traveling places as efficient as possible. Now that we have all these cool and efficient ways to get around, how do we take the next step towards an even more advanced mode of transportation? The answer is self-driving cars! Self-driving cars will be the most beneficial innovation to humans in the history of transportation since the airplane was invented by the Wright brothers in 1903. The use of self-driving cars in a massive scale will be beneficial to humans by making transportation cheaper and more convenient for people, especially those living in large cities. When implicated in the right way people will no longer need to own their own cars. Large companies like Uber will be able to own all of them and just have them programed to go pick people up at the press of a button on their cell phone. This will be convenient for people because they will no longer have to park a long ways away from where they want to go and they will also able to just press a button and the closest

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