Online Advertising Questionnaire

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This area of the assignment contains the study concerning the advantages of advertising online when compared with traditional ways of advertising and to find out what people think regarding this subject and conditions that they have regarding it, and it is completed by the support of my questionnaire that encompassed 10 enquires and was circulated among 10 people who gave their response by taking a great interest in answering the questionnaire.
The consequences are stated below: -
Question Yes No
Online advertising is more attractive than traditional advertising? 7 3

It is observed that 7 out of 10 participants feel that online advertising is more attractive than traditional advertising which includes 4 participants of age category 20-30 (including 2 female and 2 male participants) and 3 participants of which include a female participant of age category 30-40; they are in support of online advertising may be because at this age they tend to be more socializing, technology bound and prone to buying and using new goods and getting things done as soon as possible and they might want to view advertisements of selected products rather and save their time and so they would prefer ads on latest technology, fashion and clothing that are organized and rich in content but not filled up. The further 3 participants who do not prefer online advertising methods are aged above 40, they may not prefer it due to them believing in their old approaches to advertising and they feel that their ways of advertising would last long in the minds of people due to its creativity and it’s more effective and helps organizations to maintain good image.
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Question 1 2 3
Rate online advertising from 1-3 (1 is least important and 3 is the most important.) 3 2 5

The objective of this question was to know the opinions and attitudes of participants and the importance of online advertising. Thus 50% of the participants feel online advertising is important as it provides to way communication and it is useful and informative while 30% of participants feel that it is least important as people pay less attention and rather they prefer ads by selected brands so they would not look at the ads by other substitute brands. Thus this is not good for other small retailers who sell substitute products.

Question Agree Disagree
Online advertising saves a lot of cost and time compared to traditional advertising? 10

Advancement in IT has led to vast growth in making new technology of which internet is one and due to internet many advertisement techniques are possible for a company to apply to make it familiar among the
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