Advertising For Children: Business Ethics Of Advertising To Children?

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Advertising to Children Sabancı EMBA /MGMT905-Business Ethics ALPER KEMER 12/24/2016 In today’s society, advertising is all around us. As it has acquired its strong presence on the internet, it seems that there is no way we can escape its uninterruptable images and messages in our everyday lives. Advertising also targets children who are not able to discriminate what they see on TV commercials from fact. Many researchers from the American Psychological Association agree that ad targeting for children is unethical because it targets impressionable minds. It is also not healthy, mentally and physically, for our kids to be brainwashed by so many ads. Because of their lack of knowledge and experience, young children cannot understand the persuasive intent of advertising and see through schemes used by advertisers. Children are born with a very trusting nature, so they tend to believe what they see and hear. A child has a very limited attention span, advertising pitches have been shorten to deliver the message in 10 to 15 seconds .This enough time to leave the commercial 's message imprinted in the child 's mind. According to a research, children aged two to five are not able to tell the difference between regular TV programs and commercials. This means they do not even understand that advertisements are there to sell their products, and they tend to believe what they are

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