Co Ed Schools Vs Single Sex Schools Essay

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would you like to see your child in a single sex school ? single sex schools are a very real thing among us today . people started looking towards single sex schools much more often these days . most probably the parents of the female students try to separate their "purchase baby girls " from violent boys and the parents of the male students try to make them grow up in a more tough environment to make sure he grows a " man " . single sex schools has caused huge controversy between people . single sex schools proved to be for the great benefit of education not other wise they say that understudies at co-ed schools perform superior to anything understudies at single sex schools . yet, the fact of the matter is that understudies at single-sex schools perform better than those at co-ed schools. The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test took after the execution of understudies in co-ed and single-sex classes. Before I read the results it should be seen that these…show more content…
now a days kids that grow up watching t.v and movies start to develop feelings at a very young age and in exchange of using the different in sex in school to make the students compete with each other , they start distracting each other and instead of enhancing both of their academic level , they get caught up , and they start to neglect their home work and their academic level falls down . single sex school isnt that bad after you have a final look upon it , in fact it may be a much better system than co-ed system . much higher academic grades , difference in point of views since early age causes conflicts , also early relationships that effect the students lives and different thinking requires different type of teaching specially in that early age are points all in favour of single sex schools . i think that in the not far future co-ed will be over and single sex schools will take control as they appear to be far more effective
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