Air National Case Study Summary

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1. How would you recommend structuring the HR function following the company reorganization into route groups?

As Air National reorganized its management structures in order to have more focus on operations and the company’s operation divided into route groups base on five major markets. And each group was to be headed by a general manager who has authority over the department of business. Therefore, for the recommendation of structuring the HR function, each group should have dedicated support from their own HR team. As the company divided to have better focus on operation on each market, HR business partnering is the one of the step to deliver better performance. To decentralising this role of HR professional are able to work closely with
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The new competitive strategy of Air National is to prioritize their high-quality customer service and re-engineered the company. In order to support the new competitive strategy, the company conduct a series of customer service training seminars and invested in training and development for employees. This kind of HR practices can improve employees knowledge on customer service integrate with employee’s existing skills and experience to sublimate into a desired standard customer service when they serve customers. Also, as Air National trying to re-engineered the company, the HR director of AN stated that the new approach is to emphasize their manager to give up control as their employees is to improve their job performance. Those middle managers from being hierarchical to collegial stared to sharing power with subordinate, confer and seek consensus from them during certain decision-making. For recommendation in this case, if Air National want its employees to keep well informed about the company and customer by using comprehensive internal communications. For example, face-to-face communication, conduct regular briefings across the company, so that people can meet, question and share ideas with senior managers. The company can run workshops to support managers in communicating and leadership skill. Also, Air National can launch a smartphone…show more content…
First, a purpose to believe in. Employees must believe in its purpose and they will be happy to change their individual behaviour to fulfil the purpose. In Air National, the CEO said that the approach is to emphasize their manager that they must give up their control and sharing power. In the case, one of the managers admitted that is hard to share power, no matter how rationalize it, he still tend to be hierarchical when making certain decisions even he know it is the right way to go. In this case, Air National should take more time on to make manager to feel comfortable about the change and the CEO should explain the story about the change to all of the people involved in, in order to make sense of their contributions for those individual to be happy to serve the purpose and understand the role of their action is bring the brightest future to the company.
Second, reinforcement systems. Organization must deign a plan that includes setting targets, measurement, rewards and it must be consistent with the people involved in. Employees are less willingness to adopt the approach if the company’s goals for the change are not reinforced. In Air National, managers are seeing real disadvantage and uncomfortable in seek consensus from the team. May be the company should set a performance scorecards of manager about how they handle the change, and manager may more likely to spend
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