An Essay About Writing Skills

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Writing skill must be practiced and learned through experience; it is not an acquired skill and is not developed naturally. In order to refine writing skills, the writer has to be involved in "a two-way interaction between continuously developing knowledge and continuously developing text" (Bereiter & Scardamalia). Writing has always been an essential part in English curriculum as well as for academic function. It is in fact a difficult skill to acquire for both native and non native as it is a productive and an active skill. In the views of Langan (1987) and Gunning (1998) writing is difficult as they stated that writing is more complex and abstract than talking.

Therefore, it is evidently true that writing becomes a problematic area for the students who write in second language (L2). Besides students, teachers too face difficulties in teaching this skill as students find it complicated to acquire and deal with confusion when they practice academic writing. Teacher’s plays an eminent role in language classes as it is his/her duty to keep students engage in different activities which not only polish their listening, speaking and reading skills but writing as well. It can be said that a good speaker may not always be a good writer as writing requires much more than speaking. Moreover, writing involves a standardized form of grammar, structure, organization and link between ideas, vocabulary and more complex
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Such errors result from the learner's lack of knowledge of correct rules of the target language. There is a clear distinction between error and mistake. A mistake can be self corrected but an error cannot. Errors are systematic i.e. “likely to occur repeatedly and not recognized by learner.” (Corder.S.P 1976). Those words are considered as errors which are used as wrong in sense or at wrong place inadvertently or
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