Analysis Of The Sandwich Factory

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Delprøve 2 a) Essay on “The Sandwich Factory” Often times people get stuck in their work and spend all their time in a monotone job that they despise. After a considerable amount of time your body and soul gets affected and you lose control of your life, however what can you do to eliminate the inhuman capitalism that is in process?. The connection between whether or not your work is what defines you and your identity or if who you are is what determines your job is a central theme in the story “The Sandwich Factory” written in 2007 by Jason Kennedy. The central plot of the short story is about an unnamed first person narrator who starts working in a sandwich factory. At the factory, he meets several unusual people such as a lustful girl named Dot who tries to set him up with a girl, a man who everyday threatens him with a knife and the bosses who are authoritative and rule with an iron fist. The work is monotone and everyday is the same routine, nevertheless the narrator keeps working even though he is starting to wear out. One day the narrator faints and that’s the point he decides never to return back to work. The story is told through a first person limited narrator and although there is no information given about the narrators past or future, it can be assumed he chose this job as a result of him having no other skill. The story begins with in media res and it can additionally be seen that he is bitter and dislikes his job “With bread flying past and the constant
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