Ancient Greek Civilization

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Over the past centuries where the world has slowly been constantly evolving, many civilizations were formed by different ethnics and races ever since 3500 BC being the earliest. Ancient civilizations are often formed from small isolated groups of people. From then on, communities were formed and then societies which then finally becomes a civilization. Over the course of years, civilization played a big role in developing modernization and instilling what we call culture and religion in our daily lives today. Many ancient civilizations in the past were particularly famous and contributed significantly to the world today. One of those civilizations being the Ancient Greeks, has made quite some impacts in societies of the past. Article by Saugat (2017) states that the ancient Greek civilization was formed throughout the 2700BC – 1500BC. The originated location was in Italy, Sicily, west of France and North Africa which now is currently called Greece. The ancient Greeks were not considered the oldest civilization in history, but they are undoubtedly one of the most influential civilization to have existed in the world’s history. To the ancient Greeks, their beliefs played an important role in their lives as it was involved in nearly everything they did. To them religion was sacred as the gods and goddess that they worshipped were considered very significant to them. The religion that the Greeks practiced were centered mainly with Greek mythology where many gods and
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