Catchy Song Analysis Of Antigone

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POLICE ON MY BACK by Clash The catchy song depicts a person running from the law. Although it was not clear what he had done to warrant the police to chase them it is safe to conclude that the person had broken a law. The play also touched upon the subject of law and the consequences that follows if you break them. The first one was the betrayal of Polyneices against his people. He was then sentenced to be stripped of the burial rite as decreed by the new king Creon. The second was Antigone who defied the decree and gave her brother the burial rite he was stripped of. She pleaded that she was only following what was right not by what was dictated by a mere mortal but by what their god willed. She was then sentenced to death by exiling her to a prison and leaving her to die. The third was Creon who was punished by their gods by refusing to give a burial rite to the dead and accusing and sentencing to death …show more content…

The king had ordered that the remains of the ‘traitor’, Polyneices, not to be given a rightful burial. The king had proclaimed that whomever shall try to bury or utter a prayer in honor of Polyneices will be sentenced to death. The protagonist Antigone, who happens to be the sister of the fallen Polyneices, could not bear the fate that had fallen upon her beloved brother. She was steadfast in her belief that the dead were not bound by the rules that mere mortals impose and that a burial rite has to be bestowed upon the dead to honor the fallen and the will of their gods. She despite knowing the dangers associated with her beliefs acted upon them. She gave her brother a burial rite and was later caught and was exiled to a prison to die. Despite being accused of taking a bribe of antagonizing the New King for power she defended herself implying that it was not money nor power that lead her actions but her love and her belief that willed her to do

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