Applied Leadership Reflection

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Leadership in nursing practice means to me not only possessing the interpersonal skills to help other nurses achieve their highest potential and inspiring them to work together to provide quality care to patients, but also involving them to become passionate, innovative, confident, and decisive in what they do and the care they provide. The Professional Roles and Values course taught me tremendously about applied leadership. I learned that nurses are considered natural leaders even though being a leader in the field can be difficult and challenging. As a long-term geriatric nurse, I have to supervise licensed practical nurses (LPNs), restorative nursing assistants (RNAs), and nursing assistants in providing care to patients. Under those circumstances, I am …show more content…

The course helped me understand applied leadership in nursing through case studies, videos, cohorts, and lectures. Moreover, the course reinforced the concept of applied leadership, taught me how to lead by example, and the importance of involving other staff members in the decision-making process. In short, the course enlightens me on how to perform my job efficiently and effectively as a leader in order to create positive outcomes for my patients.

My definition of applied leadership in nursing is supported by concepts of coworkers' motivation/engagement with the intention to lead them towards a common goal/outcome. Engagement in the nursing field aims to include all staff members in the decision-making process as mentioned above so they can understand their role better. The rationale behind that is the fact that, when nurses feel that they are appropriately engaged in making care decisions their morale increases leading to improved productivity and better quality of care.

To me, the concept of applied leadership helps to improve the condition of patients. It supports the definition in D1 due to the fact that nurses' main duty and role is to alleviate patients' suffering and pain.

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