Are Men Comfortable With Genitals Essay

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Why are men more comfortable with their genitals than woman/ Men grow up seeing and touching their genitals. It becomes an essential part of them starting not long after birth. This familiarity with their private parts might help males to feel more comfortable with their genitals. This comfortability will also support a male build confidence of their self-image. Furthermore, by being satisfied with their genitals may help them acknowledge pleasures from masturbation. If you ask a woman why she believes that men are more comfortable with their genitals than them, they might respond by stating that men are gross or stupid with their genitals. Without many studies on why males are pleased with their genitals, psychologist speculates on the issue. For example, one …show more content…

These artifacts have been known to show power and masculinity. On the other hand throughout history, woman genitals have been taboo. Unlike men genitals, women genitals are hidden and not seen without effort. Not being able to look at your genitals and not making an effort to understand and know your genitals can cause a female to be uncomfortable with her self-image. Studies have shown that when a woman comes become knowledgeable about her body parts and more experience with the functions and sensuality of the components become more comfortable with themselves. Furthermore, by entering familiar with your genitals like men, a woman can increase masturbation and sexual experiences with their sexual partners. Another issue with females and their genitals are that the female genitals and breast are a media controversy. The media exploits on how ladies genitals should look, smell, feel, and be maintained, which can cause a woman to develop insecurities about their genitals making women uncomfortable about showing them or talking about

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