Argument Essay: The Welfare Debate

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Argument Essay: The Welfare Debate What is welfare? Why is it so controversial? According to Webster's Dictionary, welfare is “the state of doing well, especially in respect to good fortune, happiness, well-being, or prosperity” or “aid in the form of money or necessities for those in need.” The welfare debate is whether or not there should be more welfare money distributed verses programs available that teach the skills to help people get better paying jobs. Programs associated with government welfare should be enforced so that individuals do not take advantage of the system because citizens who are on welfare tend to rely on the government for money, giving away money does not equal aid, and responsibility needs to be taught.

Some believe that if there is more money distributed that it will help more people out of poverty. That is not necessarily the case because welfare is supposed to be a temporary government assistance to help people get back on there feet and not having to rely on it so much. Lawmakers and business officials believe that money should be earned more than given out, that’s why these programs that are a part of the welfare debate would probably help people get out of poverty described as the
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Many families that do have a job outside of the assistance have to report their outside earnings which reduces their government assistance. According to the article, “ The Real Welfare Problem,” The New Family Support Act is the “most recent effort at welfare reform” this new law is an attempt to get single mothers off welfare in through a series of “job training, work requirements, child care subsidies, and child support enforcement” (“Real”). This relates to the programs that welfare is or has provided, but this also has nothing to do with not being able to work but some families simply cannot find jobs with good pay that would support an average sized

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