Danger Of Sexting Essay

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Applications have made it easy for teenagers to sexting and not get caught which is quite dangerous since. A photo shared between two people can quickly become a viral phenomenon. It can lead to negative publicity, unemployment, depression of the student. It has proven to show affect them psychological and emotionally. Especially if it backfires and gets into the wrong hands. For example Anete Veruna hacked an account on photo bucket for a female teenager and posted in a pornographic site (karai 2011).It is wise to come up with key strategies that will help prevent such cases through research so as to prevent child pornography. Sexting may lead to bullying for the teen whose photos have been solicited to others. They be mocked and abused by fellow teens. Leading to depression Oftentimes they don't reach out for help because of embarrassment and disappointment, fear of making it worse, or fear of getting into trouble. To many teens they may feel like that they cannot be helped. University of Utah did a research showing that 40% of teens admitted to sexting and 25% forwarded to fellow teens and were…show more content…
If one is found with such an offence they are taken for counselling and good behaviour bond. The law still has a challenge to help in stopping sexting among teenagers. Since society tend to find some laws quite harsh for such an offence.
Some experts agree that sexting can be safe in terms of online dating since the two cannot get involved sexual hence reducing chances of getting STDS and also unplanned
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