Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth The Price?

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The question about whether college is valuable or not has been pondered by many for quite some time. Today, this question is more important than ever as college tuition prices are rising exponentially. Some sources say that college is worth the price; that it builds human capital, teaches to live life to the fullest, and helps maintain important friendships. On the flip side, sources say that college is not worth it due to the high costs, and the fact that college graduates go into low skill jobs that don’t require college degrees anyway. In today’s workforce however, college education is a must because it lets people learn to develop communication skills, earn more money, and get high-paying jobs. People who invest in a college education have been proven to earn a higher income than those who ended their education during or right after high school. This statement is true based on a study done in 2005 about the income level of people with different levels of education. As just a high school graduate, most of the community studied was earning around $27,000 annually. When going upwards to a college, there was a difference of about $3,000 in total annual income. An associate's degree had a difference …show more content…

In many situations, businesses will hire college students that are well-versed in communications, or the skill learned will be used in different ways. In “Should I Go to College?” by Ryan Allis, he states that he had “developed a network of contacts and built strong relationships that will be a great asset” (Allis 2). By saying this, Allis is supporting the fact that college builds communication skills because he has found people that shared the same interest with him, leading to them to become strong business partners later on. The same communication skills that people learn in college can also potentially (the word “potentially” weakens your claim) lead to better

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