Argumentative Essay On Cyber Bullying

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Bullying is an extremely prevalent issue cross-culturally that takes many forms, including verbally, physically, socially, and over the computer, known as cyberbullying. Bullies use intimidation to control others. The climate of American schools is a breeding ground for bullying as students strive to establish social power over other students. Exposure to family violence can also be an influence in the development of a bully. While anti-bullying policies are in place at most schools, they are rarely enforced and do not take the complexity of bullying behavior into consideration. Students that harass others are often dealing with mental health issues that are unaddressed and would greatly benefit from therapeutic intervention. Bullying, both previously and currently, continues in its need to be addressed within schools as victims experience great psychological harm, and such behavior hinders the learning environment overall. In some cases, the threatening and manipulative tactics bullies engage in are learnt behavior modeled after witnessing and experiencing an abusive home life. Children growing up in a home with family violence are exposed to impaired social interactions and extremely unhealthy conflict resolution styles. Unbeknownst to the child, they may begin to model their behavior in relationships outside the home, after what they have learned in the home (Low & Espelage, 2013). Children who are physically punished or witness physical punishment of their parent

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