Argumentative Essay: Why Dance Is A Sport?

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Are a dancer’s blood, sweat, tears, and determination not enough to be considered an athlete? The debate of dance being a sport has been going on for many years, and people may never come to a final decision, but many people find this topic of interest captivating. People argue that dance isn’t a sport with invalid arguments about how dance doesn’t even fit the definition of a sport, but it does perfectly. They also say that dancers aren’t athletes, but why wouldn’t they be? An athlete is a person trained in a certain area of profession that includes physical agility, stamina, and strength, and that’s what a dancer is. Everyone should consider dance a sport because dance has a lot in common with other sports, including the current injury rate. …show more content…

Football players will normally spend 90 minutes practicing in the morning and 2 hours in an evening practice to get better and more skilled. Dancers also have to spend a lot of time in the studio to get more flexible and to have better technique. As a dancer, I spend 1-2 hours at the studio on weekdays and 7-8 hours at the studio on the weekends. Dancers offer the same amount of dedication as football players do, if not more. You’ve probably asked someone to hang out with you and they said they couldn’t because they had football practice, but you will probably also hear “I can’t, I have dance.” All athletes are very dedicated to their sport and dancers are no

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