Arguments Against Animal Testing

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Animal testing has been around for centuries. Early scientists performed experiments on animals to test out certain medicine and surgical procedures before applying them to human patients. Animal testing eventually became a huge controversy in the following years. The ongoing animal testing debate has caused many journalists to write their own point of view on the entire controversy. Journalists such as; Iza Iglesias and Lorna Collier. Iza Iglesias and Lorna Collier both discuss their viewpoints on animal testing and provides evidence to support their argument. In the article, “ 8 million signatures needed in fight against animal testing”, Iglesias argues against animal testing while Collier defends it in her article titled, “Defending animal research”. Both authors conduct a well written argument, but Collier does a better job with getting her point across. In the article,“8 million signatures needed in the fight against animal testing”, Iglesias begins her article by grabbing the reader 's attention. The use of pathos is definitely shown at the beginning of the article, but not through out. When Iglesias states, “The animals usually end up being put down after a matter of days, or if they keep going, weeks or even years in such horrific conditions”(Iglesias 1), then “As such, in 1989 British brand The Body Shop became the very first international beauty brand to campaign against the practice of animal testing in cosmetics, in partnership with Cruelty Free
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