Art Is Important Essay: Why Art Is Important

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Everybody has a different reason why art Is important to them. Sometimes it is their hobby or it 's what they want to do for the rest of their life. Personally I feel like it 's what I’m best at. I put my time and effort into every work of art I make. Every time I make something new I want to show off my skills. Art is a way for me to calm down and put all my thoughts away. A lot of times I over think many things. When my head can 't handle all my thoughts, I go to my sketch book. I draw what I was thinking, turning it to a visual representation instead of words. It 's a smooth sail from there. Then I can finish my day without wondering and getting distracted. For everybody finishing their day is very important. My family is just one big art group. Since I could hold a pencil I was drawing. My father would buy my sisters and me tons of mini sketchbooks to fill up my scribbles and some figures. As I got older I developed my skill of drawing. At school, I would stand out from everybody else in art class. Even getting first place in my school art show. Which was my goal since in every other class or sport I never stood out. My father would make my sisters and I make observational drawings every day. Every Bit of practice my father made me do helped me get to this point. Without him I probably wouldn 't have thought of trying out Arts Academy Charter Middle School. I wouldn 't have pushed myself as much as he did. But now I understand what I’m capable of doing, constantly

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